Samyama Healing Centre

Samyama Healing Center

Samyama Healing Centre® is dedicated to serve humanity by healing at Physical, Emotional, Mental & Soul level using various ancient Rishis and Siddhas way of Healing & Meditation techniques.

Samyama Healing Centre® was founded by MahaYogi Madhukar Ji, in the year 2015. Its main centre is located in Bangalore, India.

Samyama Healing Centre® is having clients from more than 40+ countries across the globe and holds more than 90% success rate in solving critical psychosomatic issues and most of the clients are extremely happy with its Quality & Powerful Spiritual Services.


Healing Humanity using our ancient Siddhas techniques supplemented with New Age Healing techniques to achieve overall health of Body, Mind & Soul.


To bring people into the realm of spirituality & encourage individuality through Healing & Meditation to achieve Universal Health, love, Peace & Harmony.