Angel Healing

"Angel" is derived from the Greek word "angelos," which means "messenger." They are often called as messengers of god. Angels are powerful spiritual beings who serve God and human beings in a many ways. Angels operate at higher frequency than humans. In Indian mythology, Angels are depicted as Gandharvas, Devathas etc. Some of the Angel types are Archangels, Guardian Angels, Seraphim Etc.

Any healer who does spiritual sadhana will get connected to Angels. In some special cases, healing powers of the healer will not be sufficient enough to give the remedy to the client. In such cases, Angels being higher beings have to be invoked to shower high level healing energy to clear the blockages. Angels only descend to earth upon invocation by the healer, provided the healer has strong connection with them.

There are different Angels for different purposes. Some Angels are dedicated for healing, some for providing financial abundance and some for providing protection, etc.

At Samyama Healing Centre, we do Angel Healing depending on the intensity of the client’s issue.


  • Faster and better Healing results
  • Stronger Divine Protection
  • Divine Blessings
  • Divine Messages
  • Better clarity on our path
  • Spiritual Guidance and Support