23 May

Behavioral Transformation Through Past Life Healing

Soul Healing Benefits

The parents of a 9 year old young boy having behavioral problems approached us after trying out all counselling and conventional therapies to find a solution.

Problem: (shared by his mother as it is)

  • Very introvert
  • Very possessive about material things.
  • He doesn’t like to share anything with any one, he has collected all his gifts and things and kept carefully without opening.
  • Doesn’t respect people, who so ever it might be nor like any anybody.
  • He will interact with people with whom he thinks are equal to him and who listens to him.
  • Doesn’t like any authority figure. Including Parent, family and teachers.
  • Hates to say thank you & sorry. These words are not in his life.
  • Feels happy when his brother & mother are hurt. Hates both of them.
  • Likes his father. (In school counselling when asked to draw family pic, he drew pic of house with father & him only)
  • Very abusive talking when he is angry, and his voice changes and makes wired faces.
  • Makes funny noise & face in class room while teachers are teaching.
  • His interest are short lived, get bored very soon.
  • Talks about running away & dying.
    -All this has increased 2 fold after his brother is born

The first step to our healing procedure is to take a detailed SOUL Reading / Past Life Reading to find the Root Cause of the issue, based on which solution through healing is given.

Root Cause:

The cause revealed during SOUL Reading was unresolved grudges against the mother and brother from a previous life. In that life too it was the same family set up. When the hurt is deeper and the karmic debts are more the souls reconnect through the same family set up life after life until the lessons are learnt and the one who created the karma realizes his/her mistakes and seeks forgiveness from the victim. Only when soul decides to forgive, the soul contract breaks and karma gets released.

Once this happens the past impressions of deep hurtful emotions dissolve and relationships once again become harmonious.

In the previous life due to difference of opinions between the parents the mother had left the house along with her other son leaving this child (the client) with his father. The child was left alone with only a pet monkey for company. As the father used to devote time to his work he was left ignored and had nothing substantial to do except play with the pet. He had no other friends or family to play with and gradually he started picking up and imitating the gestures and behaviorism of the monkey as most of his time was spent with the pet.

These past impressions are stored in the subconscious as a result of which in the present life he imitates in the same manner-making weird faces and strange sounds!
His being possessive about his things can be associated with his past life where he was alone and had no one else to share his belongings with, thus making him, self-centered.
His disconnect and anger towards the mother and brother is the hurt carried from the past where he was left alone by them. The lack of love and care that he experienced in his previous life is carried forward to the current lie.


The SOUL Reading was shared with the parents and we suggested them to do a month long advanced spiritual healing process to release the past Karma of hurt and trauma by doing soul level healing. Conventional counselling and therapies work beautifully on the level of the mind but trauma that is stored on the level of the soul from past lives can only be healed through SOUL HEALING!

After completion of the month long healing, mother reported more than 80% improvement in the child’s behavior. His other family members and relatives are seeing an overall positive and remarkable transformation in him.


Each and every action of ours is recorded in the Universe. Nothing goes unnoticed. So be aware of your words actions and thoughts, as what you sow is what you shall reap! The child’s behavior was a repercussion of the parents’ action from the past which they never knew or realized until now.

Once realization seeped in, there was acceptance and responsibility taken on themselves and through divine energies and healing process the souls were healed, bringing in a major shift and a complete transformation in the child’s behavior and personality.

With Divine Light & Love

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