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Believe It or Not – It’s The Truth

Black Magic Removal


To maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the CLIENT, names of the CLIENT and the DIVINE SOUL have not been mentioned.





Our client, one day came to our Bangalore Centre without appointment. Guruji (Yogi Madhukar ji) was out of station during that time. So for obvious reasons he was unable to meet Guruji and the Centre was closed too. Then he directly called us and asked if he can meet Guruji. As usual it was conveyed that he needs to take an appointment and then accordingly he can meet Yogi Ji.

He went back that day. Then after few weeks, by taking an appointment, he came again and met Guruji. First thing he conveyed, was that, he was not aware as how he came in front of our Centre the previous day, who brought him or guided him or who shared the address, nothing he was aware of. He also confessed that he never visited our Samyama website. Hence he does not know our location even. He does not know our mobile number, how he called us, why he called us, how he reached our Centre both the times he is totally unaware he said.

His main concern was that he cannot remember anything. Always he is in a confused state. He is always in some kind of uneasiness as he feels that many beings are residing in his body. They constantly fight each other and harm his body & mind by taking total control over it.  Further he added that, he feels one positive soul, guiding and protecting and rest everything negative harmful energies.

He cannot remember things properly. Whatever he does or talks, he feels that as if someone is making it through him, and it’s not him in real. Due to all these and also due to his loss of memory, he is having huge problems at office as well as at his home. He also complained about his body pain and terrific illness of his own father.

Also he informed that they were having one Kula guru/Family deity and he had been helping him continuously. But somehow they are unable to get HIS help since few days. So our client was basically looking for all these solutions when he came to Guruji.

Now comes the most surprising and awful part. While talking to Guruji at the Centre itself, our client suddenly started behaving as if some spirit came on his body. His eyes rolled up and he started bending and stretching his whole body along with his legs and hands and started rotating his head too. It was little discomforting scene. Anyone in that scenario, would have got shaken by seeing him, but with Divine patience, Guruji kept steady and started encountering him with few questions.

Guruji asked him “Who are you? And why you troubling him like this?”

The SOUL who came on Client’s body instantly replied by conveying his real name and told that HE had been helping our client’s family continuously. HE was their Kula deva. But no more he will be able to help them NOW.  This family had to follow certain disciplines to keep divine blessings, power and protection which they missed out of ego, arrogance and superiority complex. (Client’s father was able to do lot of miracles to others by using his Kula Guru’s spiritual powers from more than 20 years). They attracted huge karma and huge dark energies from enemies’ through black magic and spirit attacks.

Kula Guru had to spend huge amount of spiritual energies from his spiritual Sadhana to protect this family from continuous black magic and spirit attacks.

Kula Guru said to Guruji just to give an idea about his background, “I used to do many big miracles to this family from many lives to their entire lineage, I had done more than 500 years of Spiritual Sadhana in Himalayas, I belong to Siddha Lineage, now power has come down by investing huge energies for them for their prosperity and protection, If I had my initial powers, I would have shaken this entire building and would have demonstrated you my true powers”. Guruji was able to sense instantly huge amount vibrations, heat and expanded aura around our client and he immediately understood, this Divine soul must be a Siddha himself.

Guruji asked, now what you want?!

Kula Guru/Siddha/Divine Soul said, I just want to take Moksha,

Guruji asked, then why can’t you just leave his body, his family and your temple and just go to higher realms?!

Kula Guru soul said, No, first I have to release black magic, negative spirits from them, second this family has to approve for his departure as he had promised to protect their lineage many hundreds years before itself. It’s all done now but they have to approve consciously, then only I can leave the earth or else I am promise bound to them.

When Guruji tried to scan, he came to know that there is a team of powerful black magicians, together they are using lot of black energies and 5-6 negative spirits are used to attack our client and his family.

Spirits used to come, possess our client’s body completely and they were troubling him and his family continuously from years.

With this continuous attack, our client’s soul had become very weak and had lost total control on mind and body. Siddha Guru had to leave temple frequently and come to his body, just to save our client and his family from black magic attack and spirit attacks.

Important point to remember, our client was physically young, fit and fine and had done all the possible medical tests & scanning, he had no physical or psychological issues as per the medical reports. Whatever the chronic physical pain, memory loss and other acute issues he was facing were idiopathic (Cause not known).

Guruji now understood the entire scene. Remember divine souls or ascended masters have their own limitations when it comes to handling black magic or negative spirits or dark energies on earth.

It needs to be dealt through physical beings (healers/Gurus) only in certain cases to solve such problems completely as per the earth nature law.

However just after conveying this much message the SOUL went away from his body and in front of Guruji only, within few minutes our client again came back to normal senses as if he got released from the DIVINE SOUL and as if they wanted to show a demo of the whole thing in front of our Guruji.

At this juncture, Guruji advised him to go for our SOUL Reading as WHY this happening? WHAT will be the consequences? HOW to solve this? WHERE to go to get a normal life? WHO was the DIVINE SOUL to them? All these questions were revolving around his mind.

After getting the SOUL Reading for this family and also for that Siddha’s soul, a huge surprise came to us, because just to cross verify our SOUL Reading, we Googled and searched in YouTube about that Siddha and Kula Guru (as he had told his name with Guruji already) and it matched our SOUL Reading around 80 %. Guruji was not aware of his history consciously.

We found one movie was made on this Siddha’s name too. He is very famous Kula Deva/Family deity in certain part of South Karnataka. He has his own temple, millions of devotes where every year some big festival happens at his temple. He is famous for his spiritual powers/siddhis and miracles.

Whatever was revealed for us in SOUL Reading is almost matching with his movie which we found in YouTube. We were at awe by seeing all these.

Who can believe such a divine soul, powerful soul and Siddha is at trouble now and has come to us by seeking help to his devotees and for his own liberation.

Guruji took huge risk to release such a high level black magic and negative spirits from the client’s body and from his house.

When client understood our Reading and consciously agreed to release his Kula Deva/Kula Guru/Family Deity/Siddha from their SOUL Agreement with huge Respect and Gratitude after taking Divine Blessings from him, Siddha Guru was able to travel to higher Loka ( higher realm ) by leaving his temple, millions of devotes and followers on earth.


The DIVINE SOUL, their Kula deva is released from the SOUL agreement with their family and got Mukthi and NOW settling at the 4th higher Loka (higher realm) blissfully.

The father of our client is better physically.

OUR client is no more into any trouble like memory loss or different spirits attacking on his body. Both his family life as well as office/work life is peaceful now. He also gave birth to a beautiful second kid recently and leading healthy, happy and peaceful life with his wife, 2 kids and parents.


The Divine SOUL wanted to get released with Moksha and got a guidance and direction from his Guru, to come to our Guruji. He only brought our client to the Centre at his unconscious state to solve all his problems.

With full trust and gratitude the client came to Guruji and was patient enough to work towards the solution through our DIVINE energies and DIVINE healings. Anything is possible if proper FAITH is there.

At last, when I asked our Guruji (Yogi Madhukar Ji), how he felt dealing with Siddha’s soul, HE simply smiled peacefully and said, “In this life alone, have seen and interacted with many Ascended Masters, Siddhas and Maha Siddhas already, this is not at all new for me”.

I went in to DEEP SILENCE by listening to this mesmerized fact…..…

THOUGH IT’S TOUGH TO BILIEVE, BUT IT’S THE TRUTH for me as I witnessed it with my own eyes.

With Divine Light & Love

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