11 May

Curse Separates Masters Unite

Curse Healing

A curse is any wish expressed in such a way that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall or attach to some other person, a place or an object. In simple words it is the opposite of blessing and occurs when someone is emotionally hurt and in pain and wishes negative for the other person. A curse can go on for generations in a family, bring misfortune, ill health and much more.

The client is married for 5 years and though the couple had no apparent reason for any issue between them yet they have been facing relationship hurdles since day one due to one or the other unwanted reasons mostly and because of misunderstanding between the two families.

Problem between the couple increased within a few months into the marriage when the wife conceived and situation at home became such that it was almost impossible for them to stay together. All efforts of reconciliation back fired and they started living separately.

The couple was soon blessed with twins but the relationship status remained the same. Misunderstandings and family interference rose to such a level that the client couldn’t even see his children. As a couple they are struggling to stay together for the last four years.

The twins are now four year old and he hasn’t got a chance to stay with them even for a day.
Also he noticed a pattern that both his personal and professional life were not in tandem.

When his personal life was good his professional life took a downslide and when there were professional highs his personal life would be chaotic. The balance was missing!

When the client approached us we did his SOUL Reading – a process to find out the probable Root Cause of the problem.

The reading revealed a past life connect wherein, in that life too the client and his wife were a couple and the present life twins were their children an elder boy aged 5 and younger girl aged 3.

The client worked with the armed forces and was posted to a war zone. His wife and son dissuaded him to not go by foreseeing probable big war, yet he left them to honor his work commitments. The wife was made to understand that the husband is killed in the war which made her leave her home with her kids due to the rising hostile conditions in her town. The client though returned home safe and was devastated to find out that his family doesn’t exist anymore. He falsely assumed that they are dead in enemies attack as his house was burnt to ashes. He left the place and went away with the same pain.

The wife on the other hand lived a miserable life and finally gave up her kids to two separate people as she could not afford to take care of them. She too falsely assumed that her husband has died in the war. Thus the children were separated not only from the parents but from each other too. The elder child who was too attached to his sister was heartbroken and cursed that the client and his wife will never be able to live together.

Here it is important to mention the concept of soul mates and karma. A soul mate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. The kids were soul mates in their previous life and so were the parents, and the parents incurred karma when they separated the kids and had to go through the same pain of separation in this life to learn an important lesson that what goes around comes around. Nothing in the Universe and Divine realm goes unnoticed and even the smallest of our action and thought is accounted for.

When the reading was shared with the client he could completely relate to it. As per him a lot of questions were answered through the reading itself and he could now join the dots. He shared that his wife never wanted to take money from him and always struggled to be financially independent – (The trust was broken in the past when she had to fend for herself)

The client himself not only felt but even verbally said many times to his family that he’s in a war zone since he got married – (His connection with the past life in a war zone kept coming to the surface now and then)
His twins can’t see any fight or violent scene on TV – ( the trauma of the past still haunted them)

Despite him being in a stable career he was always ready to leave the job and come back to his family, and he once even did that without any regret to work on bringing his family together – (he had lost his family in the past due to his work)

His wife agreed couple of times in all these years to stay together yet the curse worked so powerfully that in spite of them wanting to be together they just couldn’t.

Once the client was convinced of the reading and was keen for the healing, we started with the process. The healing process included a seven day curse removal prayer by both the client and his wife.

All his previous attempts to speak to his wife had been in vain so he was skeptical if she would agree to do the healing.

It is believed that when a person wants something with a real strong desire and the time is right, everything works out in divine order. It was their time to be healed of the curse. So when he approached his wife and shared about the past life connect and the healing process, to his surprise she agreed immediately without any apprehensions!

This was one more indication that both these souls have been wanting to be together but the energy of the curse kept them away.

At the end of the seven day healing, we did a validation process to check if the child’s soul has forgiven the parents and if the curse is removed. I asked the client to take a red and a yellow flower and ask his child to pick one. The child picked up yellow flower indicating that her soul has accepted their apologies and forgiven them. The curse was removed.

The client expressed that the child loves red and is attracted to all things red so it was quiet surprising when she over looked the red and instead picked up the yellow flower.

Apart from this, family healing was also given for a month to remove blockages and other non-harmonious factors.

The client and his wife are together once again after years of staying away. A day after the curse was removed the couple attended their children’s first parent teacher meet together at their school. And for the first time since their birth they together celebrated the twins’ birthday. Also since the curse removal the elder child has become emotionally attached with the father and they now share a close bond.

In the clients own words “my family life is back on its way to get restored after a roller coaster ride and separation for five years. And we have miles to go as the healing sessions have only just got completed. I shall remain indebted to Yogi Madhukar ji for my entire life for this one. I also take this opportunity to thank everyone who played their role in this and also forgive some of them as it is very important for my own spiritual development”

It is important to note here that it is solely upon the soul to forgive and release the curse, and everything heals in Divine will and timing. Knowingly unknowingly there are times when we give in to our strong emotions and wish bad for others, the effect of those vibrations may not be visible immediately but they can be obstacle to the other persons growth for life’s to come.

Remember, the suffering is not only of the person who is cursed but the one who inflicts such wish also suffers equally. Therefore it is important to develop the habit of forgiveness and let go all that which doesn’t serve us to our highest good!

It’s been more than a year that they are leading harmonious & happy family life.

Gratitude to Divine Energies

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