07 May

Many Masters, Many Miracles

Many Masters, Many Miracles

Namaste All…

In these 6 years of my spiritual journey, I have witnessed many miracles within me, with me and around me with blessings of Divine Energies…

Till today I am not comfortable sharing all the experiences as it goes much beyond science and human comprehension. The reason to share this particular incident here is to let you know that there is a power greater than physical science and when we tune into it and follow the message given, it can create Miracles.

On the morning of 15th July 2016 around 9 a.m. while I was hurrying to my Healing Centre a relative who has not been in touch with me for years, called up. He was in great anxiety and distress and shared a tensed situation that he was facing at the time.

He had been blessed with a baby boy on the previous night and though it was a normal delivery the baby did not cry or open his eyes. There were no body movements but he was still breathing. The doctors did all the tests till around 11 p.m. and shared that the baby is in a critical condition and needs to be kept in the ICU for close monitoring and nothing can be said for another 2 days.

The excitement of having a newborn completely disappeared and they were in a shocked state and saw little hope.
Next morning when the doctors observed the baby, the situation was more critical by then as the baby was not responding to any treatment. They said there is nothing much they can do and asked them to either go to another hospital or take the baby home with emergency respiratory equipment.

That is when the client contacted me to seek spiritual help. As a healer we have our own limitations and it seemed clear that it wasn’t possible to help him heal with the healing methods and techniques I know and thus suggested them to continue with the help of medical science only. But on his insistence I agreed to take it up. And that is when the Masters opened up a completely different world for us.

Masters said that the baby’s soul is in a dilemma as his soul mate has not taken birth yet and he’s also not sure of getting connected to her in this life through these parents. The soul had not entered the body completely and was planning to leave the body in a while. The Masters agreed to do counseling to the soul (sometimes young souls who are not evolved need masters guidance in decision making) and educate it on the importance of the body and life but on the condition that the parents should promise to the baby that in future they will not interfere when it comes to his soul mate choice.

Masters gave techniques on how to communicate to this soul telepathically. Without any second thoughts the parents agreed to do this. It was 9.45 am when we received this guidance and we further got the message that if the soul gets convinced by sensing that the parents’ assurance is genuine, by 10.15 a.m. it will enter the body completely.

By the time parents completed the suggested process it was 10 and we were waiting to witness a miracle at 10.15!

The client was with me over phone from 10.10 and exactly at 10.15 the baby cried and started moving his hands and legs and opened his eyes! Miracle happened!

What masters did was beyond our expectation and imagination. The doctors did all the necessary checkups and said that the baby’s condition has improved a lot and by the next day he was completely normal and healthy.

It’s been 8 months since we witnessed that miracle and the child is more than fit and fine.

How higher energies and intelligence work is beyond our limits and imagination so be ready and willing as ‘Miracles come in moments’!

With Immense Gratitude to Divine Energies

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