16 May

My Client Experience in Her Own Words

Spiritual Testimonial

“It was 27th march 2016 when the medical test report came positive and doctor confirmed that I was carrying. This was one of the biggest news as like for any other parent who are waiting for toddler feets in their house to fill colors in their life. And since then me and my husband were eagerly waiting for “The-Day” to feel warmth of baby holding in our arms close to our heart. Each day was passed planning for n-no. Of things and purchasing stuffs for the new comer.

Myself working in the armed forces was fully fit and fine and had no health issues. 22 Nov 16 was the delivery date given by the doctor and well confirmed as Normal delivery without any complication, which everyone in the family was already expecting.

Long awaited 22nd Nov also arrived but I did not had any kind of labor pain. Finally doctor admitted me in the morning and induced artificial labor pain. After 2 days of labor pain I was taken to labor room on 23rd Nov at 10:00pm. After the struggle of 5-6hrs trying for normal delivery, doctors declared it as an emergency as the child heart-beat was dropping and immediately I was taken to operation theatre at 04:30am for a cesarean delivery.

For last 3-4 hrs. I was also into subconscious state almost comma kind. Meanwhile my husband called up my cousin and asked for “Reiki”. She is a great healer and practitioner. She found that my baby was not ready to come out and had lot of fear factors and even I didn’t want to come out of comma state. She gave healing to me and my baby, did soul level talking and convinced both of us. Finally at 05:40am daughter handed over a beautiful baby girl into my hands after operation. We both were healthy.

Baby girl was so pretty and as white as any fairy. We all were extremely happy to have an angel into our world. After the total stay of 8 days I was discharged from hospital. With each passing day, the happiness was converting into struggle and stress. Endless story of sleepless days and nights started. My daughter neither used to sleep at night nor at day.

At a single stretch she used to sleep only for half an hour and cries continuously for hours and hours and at times for whole night. It was becoming so difficult to manage her. She used to be so furious that even her color used to get red and then to blue. I am talking of days when she was just less than a month. As a result of continuous crying her color permanently turned from fairy white to blue. It seemed as if she doesn’t want to stay with me or even see me. She was not reciprocating to my love and care. Gradually my one sided love also started faded coz of stress and her ignorance.

Soon the charm of baby was converting into added burden in life and like imposed responsibility. Within 20 days after her birth I developed a severe breast pain. While feeding my child I was not ready to take any medicine but pain was getting unbearable every day. I took days and days of healing from my cousin which used to give me relief and again after few days’ pain used to restart. Finally I tried medicines also for almost a month and gave up thereafter.

I was able to understand that this was not the pain that could be healed by medicines but was also unaware of cause and actual treatment. Every morning there used to be a very hard knot/lump formed in my breast. It was even getting almost impossible to feed her. Blessing of motherhood was turning into a punishment. Breast pain was one among the few health issues which I developed after delivery. Every week I used to complain for serious pain in some or other part of body. Migraine attacks were getting as frequent as twice a week.

My child was growing fast and I was missing everything. Whenever I used to hug her, she used to push me away from her. Even she didn’t used to look at me. If I hold her and come in front of her she used to turn her face sideward, when I come to that side she again turns. All these things have been closely observed by my mother also. She has been also noticed looking at me with lot of anger. I couldn’t connect to her in any way. All my efforts were going in vein. There seems to be no attachment.

At times all these things used to give me a very strong feeling of guilt that I am not nurturing my child properly. All these gestures from a 2-3 month old baby is very strange and unexpected.

Finally after all the struggle of 4 months I was introduced to Madhukar Ji by my cousin. The past life reading revealed that there were strong soul level conflicts which would be very severe in coming future. I and my husband were suggested to undergo an 11 days healing treatment starting from 23rd April 17. I was in such deep pain that I was ready to do anything to get my child’s love.

The healing did miracles in our life. On 3rd day of healing when I came to my room, my child gave me a welcoming smile, hugged me and also kissed me. That day I cried out of love, this was something I was longing for, for all these past months. Each passing day of healing I could feel the tremendous change in my daughter. She was turning to be happy and calm child and plays a lot. Her sleeping pattern improved a lot.

During healing days she used to sleep continuously for 7-8 hrs. at night. The love is clearly getting reflected from her now. The results are also noticed by doctor at time of her routine vaccinations. She was born with a weight of 3 kg and could gain only another 3 kg in 5 months. After healing in one month itself she gained 2kg. My daughter is 6 months old now and weighs 8kg and again getting fairer.

I realized that I was only carrying a child with me from 5 months and found my daughter only after healing. Also understood that there exists problems which are beyond the scope of science and medicine and need to be treated only spiritually.

Throughout our life we will remain highly obliged to Madhukar Ji and Siddha Divine Healing Energies for making our life beautiful.

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