14 May

Past Life Healing Heals and Saves Present Life

Past Life Healing

Through Divine Guidance we have experienced and solved different kinds of issues that our clients had been facing in their lives, reasons for which were deep rooted in their past lives.

We are happy to take you through a remarkable healing experience of a client, which is something beyond the perception of science.

We in the normal world still believe that babies start perceiving our conversations when they are around 6 months old, but the divine realm or the spirit world has a totally different message for it, with many solid evidences. (One such is here below).

Our client got in touch with us and narrated her story, about her new born 5 month old baby girl. The delivery was complicated as she had 2 days of labor pain and the baby’s heartbeat was dropping. Her husband requested one of their relative to send Reiki healing and the energies helped in a successful delivery through C-section. The story begins when the new angel of the family was taken home.

The client went through an unimaginable ordeal thereafter as the little angel never slept through the morning or at night, she kept crying the whole day and also never reciprocated to her mother’s love. The child used to stare at her mom with anger and never made eye contact. The baby’s face turned dark. Whenever mother used to hug her, she was getting pushed by the child giving a sense that she doesn’t like her. At 2-3 months of age, this behavior was something unusual, strange and never heard of; all solutions seemed to go in vain. Life had become hell for the client. Adding to this mental trauma, the client developed some physical pains, which turned things from bad to worse.

Problems started increasing day by day.
When the mother (our client) approached us to know the Root Cause and solution for the same, it totally opened a mysterious door to a different world altogether.

Our Analysis:
This was one of the challenging cases for us which we had never encountered. Decoding the Root Cause in their Past Life was our approach through SOUL Reading.

When through our divine connections we accessed the client’s past life, it was found that she was in some royal family, same husband and wife with same female kid who was their only child there too.

The husband and wife had lot of differences and fought with each other to such a level where in everyone started getting distanced from them.
They were so much involved in their arguments and fights that they neglected the child of love and care which a basic necessity is. And one day during a fight they killed each other and the kid was left out all alone. It did deeply hurt the kid’s soul.

Her future life got spoiled because of this traumatic experience. The child was victimized for parent’s ego. In that life, the kid affirmed at soul level to teach a lesson to this couple (parents) in the next life. (Here we may refer that SOUL notes down each emotion which reflects in their next life — be it positive way or negative way.)

In present life, the same couple got connected again (to pay off their karma, learn from experiences and finally evolve themselves as SOULS) and got married.

Within two years of getting married they got the same soul of past life as their daughter in this current life!

It was now the kid’s time to teach them a lesson and pay them back. It wanted to take revenge on them for the whole life by giving trouble in all possible ways.

From around 2 months itself it started creating all the above mentioned mess, though it seems unnatural when we see externally, at soul level this was completely natural.

It was quite a challenging case, as kid soul had enough spiritual energies (powerful soul).
Moreover it had come to take revenge in this life, so it was in a very much disturbed and frustrated state (that’s why skin color was turning dark gradually).

We invoked required Divine Energies and started with Soul Healing and some Advanced Spiritual Healing sessions. We succeeded in convincing the soul to drop its anger, frustration and revenge ideas. We assured it will get unconditional love and full support in this life.

Parents asked for forgiveness for their past mistakes. Through Soul talk we explained to the soul that the parents have realized their mistakes and now it’s her chance to forgive them for all their mistakes to break the previous karmic cycle of hate.

After 11 days of intense soul healing, the kid got totally transformed; she started hugging and kissing her mother, started smiling. The screaming and strange crying vanished completely, started laughing and spending happy time with father as well. Now she sleeps peacefully for 7-8 hours a day. Darkness on face has gone completely and she is growing well with proper weight gain. Mother was totally speechless with these changes!

For the mother the feeling was like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert and finding a beautiful land after encountering catastrophe!

Of course their Right Time came for the proper Solutions and so they got connected to the Right Channel and Directions to solve and heal themselves.

This incident carries so many messages for contemporary parents…

  1. Parents may think, small kids can’t understand anything but their soul records each and everything how you behave with your spouse, how much you care, love and respect the kid. Every soul on this universe deserves love.
  2. Mistakes in the present life easily get carried over to the next life as well, and where you may have to go through lot of consequences for the whole life. Not finding root cause might ruin your life further.
  3. Usually Parents complain that they have given everything to their children and still their kids don’t behave well with them. But who knows that the parents themselves would have initiated some consequences in the past lives and now are reaping the fruit of their own deeds!!
  4. Ignoring the responsibilities, not giving the basic needs to kids, imposing your choices and wishes on kids may lead to many lives consequences.
  5. Remember, mind may not understand and remember everything but each and every soul does notice and remembers each action.
  6. YOU are responsible for whatever the consequences you are going through today and only YOU can solve it.
  7. What is sown today will be harvested tomorrow. What we give out will come back to us. So we need to be very careful in each of our actions, thoughts and emotions.
  8. Though each and every action of our past lives are counted and nothing goes unnoticed as per the Divine plan and the Individual Soul planning, but with proper Divine Guidance and Divine Blessings definitely the consequences or the sufferings or the issues in anyone’s life can be reduced, healed and solved. Of course Time is a big factor and Right Directions too.

A 6 month old child taught a beautiful lesson which is worth writing a book. We wish the kid and their parents a beautiful love filled life ahead.

Know it, heal it & lead a better life…!!!

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