18 May

Past Life Healing Saves Cute Eyes of The Baby

Past Life Healing

The client is 8 month old baby who was born with a condition wherein the eyes were always secreting watery sticky substance. As per the doctors there are certain pores which takes in the moisture from our eyes that keeps the eyes wet and protected.

In the client’s case these pores were closed which resulted in watery eyes. They had to be cleaned every now and then as the accumulated water dries up and becomes sticky making it difficult and painful for the eyes to open. All this was causing huge discomfort to the baby and the parents.

This condition also makes the eyes very susceptible and vulnerable to infection. The doctors gave antibiotic medicinal drops to be put and also suggested stretching exercises for the eyes to be done 4-5 times in a day.

With this practice her left eye was healed in 2-3 months but the right eye showed no signs of improvement. Moreover the eye caught infection whenever there were guest visits at home.

Frequent visits to doctor with no results made the parents impatient and they started worrying as eye being the most sensitive part of the body. The final solution given by the doctor was a minor surgery to correct the condition, which could be done once the baby is 6 months old. Six months passed and there were still no improvement. Operation seemed to be the only solution left now.

The parents were scared at the very thought of their small baby going through this procedure and on further enquiring in depth they found that these operations are not always successful.

This is when they approached us for healing. As per our procedure we took a SOUL Reading to find out the Root Cause of the condition and it was found that in her last life she was hurt in the right eye, the trauma of which still existed and hence the condition. So until that trauma was healed from its root cause it wouldn’t get healed.

This is where spiritual intervention and divine energies help and can be understood and experienced in totality only when one is ready to go beyond mind and theory.

Since the cause was in the past life we decided to do a month long Advanced Distant Spiritual Healing to heal the eyes to make it completely normal and healthy.

The parents had already experienced healing benefits earlier so had faith and thus surrendered the issue to the Divine.

On the 23rd day of the healing, when the baby woke up in the morning her eyes were clear and sparkling. Earlier after waking up the eyes had to be washed several times before they could open. Since then her eyes are completely healed. This is a case of finding invisible roots to a physical condition in the present body, hidden in the past. Once the divine energies healed those invisible roots, the energy of the present physical condition shifted and healing happened.

With Divine Light & Love

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