21 May

Past Life Healing Transforms a Young Lady

Past Life Healing

The client is a young girl in her early 20s who had a healthy upbringing with no physical problem ever. However, she met with a minor mishap while in her college three years ago when she slipped while taking the stairs, the effect of which showed a year later when she started experiencing pain in her right hip joint.

The condition worsened as days passed and she was unable to fold or bend her leg and sitting for longer period was now a thing of the past. She also developed a limp while walking. That’s when she consulted an orthopedist and underwent various tests like ultrasound, MRI, X-rays and so on. Based on these numerous medical tests the Doctors diagnosed her condition as Synovitis (an inflammatory condition of the joints) and put her on 21 days of medication along with complete bed rest following which she got relief from pain but her leg became stiff.

This posed a hindrance in her moving freely. The family once again consulted another known orthopedist who put her on regular calcium medicine and suggested to not carry on work which creates pain or problem for her.

For a young girl this was a big blow as it had already been more than a year and the limp was clearly visible. She became emotionally vulnerable as the extended members of the family and known ones started talking about it, pointing it out in their conversations making her feel alienated! She once again made visit to a well-known orthopedist who counselled her to start accepting her issue and take it as normal. He also guided her to not sit cross legged, not to sit for longer periods, no long walks, not sleeping on the affected side and so on.

This was the time when she completely lost all hopes of her walking normal once again. Once a happy confident outgoing girl now stopped going out of her house, avoided social gatherings and meeting people with the fear that she would be questioned unnecessarily about her ‘deformity’ and made to realize she is not normal anymore! Though she tried coming out of this depressing phase by reading self-help books to make her feel better but the relief was only temporary.

She kept sitting at the same place for hours, with each passing day making her bitterer towards the situation bringing changes in her behavior like getting irritated and angry most of the times. This resulted in her distancing from her own family members who were equally pained by her distress.

The client has a spiritual mindset and practices various healing modalities like Reiki, pranayama etc. which helped her bring in some peace and calm within but the physical condition remained unchanged.

That’s when she was introduced to us by one of her known ones who has been greatly benefited by our advanced healing. The client had witnessed the miraculous changes that healing bought to her relatives life, moreover she had already tried all possible ways to get healed that she was instantly ready to take the sessions with complete faith and surrender to the divine energies.

The Past Life Reading / SOUL Reading revealed that this pain is triggered from a trauma that her leg went through in a past life.
We began the healing sessions and the client started experiencing a shift in her attitude towards life and she started seeing things from a newer positive angle.

As the case was not only about healing the clients physical part but also about rebuilding her confidence, the energy healing sessions were combined with counselling and hypnotherapy sessions as well.

The healing sessions have just completed and as per the client the pain and stiffness in her leg is completely gone and the limp has reduced considerably, almost going unnoticed. As the energy works on many levels including healing the Soul and the past trauma it takes one month to up-to six months for a physical condition to be healed fully (depends on the client’s karmic baggage and level of faith too)

The client is back to her normal happy self which she was before the unfortunate incident and is once again bonding beautifully with her family. She is now a transformed individual who has once again started life afresh with amazing confidence and is no more hesitant facing anyone.

In the clients own words:
“These sessions were the beginning of my transformation, a completely new me.
After these sessions, life has again become normal for me. During my sessions many times I lost my patience but Madhukar Ji always counselled me to keep calm and have patience. He always told me that I will get healed, it will take time so have patience.
I am completely a new person now. Madhukar Ji has once again introduced me to a beautiful cheerful happy life which was lost somewhere. He made me realize that I am unique. I gained confidence again, started visiting people, started talking with everyone confidently. My limp has also reduced to a great extent, stiffness in my leg, pain, everything has vanished.
I feel lucky that I am connected to such divine people who do wonders for us. Divine energies have transformed my boring dull life into a happy life. I am so so so grateful to Madhukar Ji”

With Divine Light & Love

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