09 May

Past Life Regression Gives New Life To Family Life

Past Life Regression

A family currently settled in UAE visited our Healing Centre through a reference. They had come down to Bangalore and stayed for a week just for healing and therapy purpose.

The couple looked very distressed and there seemed to be no bonding between the both. The client has his own business and is earning well but nothing was good in the family as his wife behaved violently and at times threatened to commit suicide without any obvious reason.

The client was pressurized by the wife to keep lending money to her family members and he had given huge sums by now in the fear that she would get violent if not given and take some extreme step. This pattern had been continuing for years and her relatives also en cashed the situation.

The client also shared that after six unfortunate miscarriages they were finally blessed by a daughter but In spite of having a child after such complications the natural bond between the mother and daughter was completely missing and at times they both behaved like enemies with each other.

On counselling the wife she agreed that all that the client had shared was indeed true. And she said that although she knows what she does is not right yet she tends to keep repeating the pattern unconsciously.


I checked with the client if his wife’s family is facing any financial problems to which he said that they have no such real problem and they are actually living a good and comfortable life with his money without really working for it. More than the money he was concerned about his family’s well-being as all this was causing undue chaos and complications in their relationship.

Their sharing itself gave us a glimpse that the issues they are facing are karmic and we did a past life regression but somehow the couple could not go into trance. That’s when we requested the help of the Masters to work on this case and their past life story connected to this issue was revealed.

In one of their past life from where these issues began the same couple were husband and wife there too. The lady suffered miscarriage during her first pregnancy after which the husband started avoiding her and spend most of his personal time with others.

Because of this constant neglect she started feeling lonely and rejected which took her to further negative state of mind. In a few months she conceived again and in due course of time they were blessed by a child but the baby didn’t survive for long. In the subsequent years she delivered four more kids but none survived.

All this ordeal frustrated the husband and he also doubted the death of his kids to be unnatural. So when she conceived for the 7th time and gave birth to a baby girl he closely observed her actions and monitored the baby day and night and within a few days he handed over the baby to another female to take care.

The baby was saved and grew up very well. Soon he came to know that all previous deaths were not natural as the mother had killed those kids due to a psychic disorder she had developed wherein she was showing her anger and frustration on the babies which she could not show on her husband.

In the present life also she had to go through 6 miscarriages without valid reasons (To pay off the karma). Husband had to face this ordeal as he didn’t show much love towards his wife in his previous life which would have prevented all these incidents.

Her present life parents were her previous life neighbors who were feeding negativity to her and were one of the reasons to aggravate her frustration and anger and she used to give them ornaments and money as they were the only ones she felt who were supporting her actions.

Over a period in that life, to show her false gratitude and to take more advantage of the situation, neighbors promised her saying
“You have given enough money for us, we can’t forget your help and in next life we will come as your family members to clear this debt”.

She agreed happily, but subconsciously they had wished opposite like, we will come and you continue your financial help in the same way, which got highly manifested in this life.

Coincidentally, the previous life 7th baby which survived had reincarnated again, as the baby was much aware of the actions of mother at the soul level, it had natural tendency of rejection towards mother and mother had same kind of feelings too at the soul level and consciously they disliked each other not knowing the exact reason.

Masters advised us to do soul level healing for all three to clear the karmic effects. We had advised the mother to seek apologies from her daughter by touching the feet, when she did, her emotions came out, she started crying like never before, her daughter was touched by that action so much that it cleared all the negative karmic effects between them. After some series of advanced healing sessions and counselling the family left for UAE.

The client called us after a few days and shared that ever since they returned back to UAE they have not faced even a single issue. Their family is now in a happy space and the three of them enjoy a great relationship.

Soul level healing brought the family together, they got solutions to all their problems which they didn’t get with many methods they tried earlier.

The family visited us again on 27th March 2017 and expressed their gratitude and shared that they are leading a much better and happier life than before

With Divine Light & Love

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