02 May

Relive To Relieve with Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Namaste All

One more interesting case I would love to share with you all…

It was 6 years ago, when I was still working as an Engineer and had just started Past Life Regression in my free time and at the beginning phase itself, I used to get highly challenging cases and this is one such case.

A young man from my native place somehow came to know that I do PLR and he came to me for the session with his concerns.

This person was very simple and highly humble and did no harm to anyone in his life till date.

He had huge pressure from his family members and relatives to get married, as he was aging around 30 years and also he had younger brother unmarried who was in line to get married soon.

In his school days, all was well, but after a few years, he started feeling of impotency for few years.

Doctors said everything is normal but it seemed idiopathic. He tried different Ayurveda treatments but neither English medicine nor Ayurveda seemed to help his problem. He tried all the techniques suggested by many people but did not get any relief. Day by day he got dejected, started losing his confidence and fear seemed to increase as he could not explain his personal problem to family members and relatives.

He started falling to all elderly people’s feet in his village thinking that this act could be from past life karma and their blessings might help him, still there was no change. He slept in temples for weeks by thinking if there is any evil force in his body it may go out and he may see some changes, yet again no luck.

He got fed up and decided to commit suicide by consuming poison, luckily someone stopped him. Two more times he tried to commit suicide, fortunately he got saved by others. His ayush was strong and he was going to get a new lease of life soon.

Guess his suffering time was almost heading to climax, finally he came to me.

I tried to regress him to his past life to see the root cause of this problem, he got connected and opened up that what had happened in his past lives.

In one of his past lives, he was deeply in love with someone but due to inter caste issues, he could not marry her and that girl committed suicide.

That guilt feeling got deeply rooted at his unconscious mind level and that has got triggered at the same age in this life and was creating impotency feeling in him.

Really, I had to try very hard with different techniques to remove that guilt from him.

Just to bring in some confidence in him, I did future progression and made him to see about his marriage and future life part.

The girl whom he saw in future progression got connected within a few days through someone close circle with a marriage proposal.

He came back to me again, as he was scared and he told me, “I cannot marry her as I am impotent and I cannot tell this problem to anyone, not only my life but her life will also be spoiled, she looks good, why I have to spoil her life?! Let her marry someone else and be happy, I prefer to die, I cannot live anymore like this”.

By seeing him in his totally helpless state, I did future progression again to see his future and made him to see his marriage with her in near future and also after 2 years that he is going to have a baby girl.

Soon after terminating the session, his face got changed completely and for the first time after many years, some hope started appearing on his face.

He asked me, “Is it really true what all I saw in session?!” I said YES, with gut feeling.

Within few days his marriage got fixed with the same girl, he came to me with an invitation to marriage,

He fell for my feet, did Guru Pooja, gave Guru dakshina ( money, fruits, dress material, sandalwood garland, sweets and all ) and expressed his priceless gratitude though I was not prepared to receive such and I was feeling little embarrassed as he was treating me like a god. I had to accept as I don’t wanted to hurt the sentiment of such an innocent, simple and humble person.

Just a few days ago (2015), I got an update from him, that he is blessed with healthy baby girl and what he had seen in future progression came true. His happiness knew no bounds.

He says, “in all these 3 years no day I spent without thinking of you and expressing gratitude for you for saving my life, I keep on telling with my friends and family members that you gave life to my life”.

For me it was one among more than 3000 regression sessions I have done so far and did not take it much seriously, but for him?!

After listening to his feedback a few days ago, I became little emotional and felt how he must be feeling by now.

This healing science really does wonder sometimes and saves the life too.

He RELIVED by RELIEVING his past life guilt.

With Love & Gratitude

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