05 May

Soul Trauma Resolved

Soul Trauma

We do not heal the past by dwelling there, we heal the past by living fully in the present – and that can be done only when the past is healed from its root!

The client is an 8 year old child who has been having behavioral issues for more than a year now. His relationship with his parents was getting bitter so was his anger. The family was trying hard to calm him down, to understand what is troubling him but couldn’t. He is a sharp child but was losing interest in everything.

His constant complaint was that no one loves him and he was sad most of the day. Much to the parents horror he even started taking about leaving home or dying as he felt unloved.
His anger was uncontrollable and he cried and threw things around and nothing could then calm him down.

The family is spiritual and practices and believes in energy healing thus eventually they realized he needs help on energy level as they started feeling it is something from his past that has come to surface.

When they approached us we asked them to first take up a reading to know what actually the cause of his behavior is.
We connect with the higher energies which help us find the actual cause that needs to be healed. Most of the cases that we have dealt with have their cause in past life, karmic connection, curse, psychic or spirit attack etc. The healing is then done accordingly to heal the root cause of the problem.

If a current issue has its root in one of the above no amount of counselling or energy can heal it until the actual cause is erased from the root!

The reading of the child disclosed that his problem is related to a past life wherein he lost both his parents at a young age, around the same age as his current life. There was no one to take care of him and he was devoid of love throughout that life and because of being left alone and neglected by his community he grew up to be stone hearted and never experienced love and compassion. The same emotions of being unloved and left alone got triggered when he turned the same age in his current life.

On sharing the cause with the parents they readily agreed to get the healing done as his behavior was a major cause of disharmony and concern in the family.

We did a 21 day of energy healing which included 7 days of soul healing wherein the past trauma was released and the soul was healed. The cords of the past life were also cut and released.

The child started responding positively to the healing and we were witnessing greater improvements. We found negative energies in the house as well so healing for the house was also done during that 21 day period.

The relation with the mother which was earlier very volatile started becoming calmer and the child started connecting and being more open to her. His anger issues were decreasing day by day and he started smiling more as compared to his earlier sad expression.

We also asked the parents to be watchful of their words and actions and be more loving and compassionate towards him now that they know that his behavior was based on his past life trauma, recalled by the soul.

Healing happens when the healer and the recipient both make equal efforts as energy has its own limitations and there are certain changes that one needs to make within by genuine efforts.

It’s been around two months since we did the healing and the feedback is astonishing. As per the parents there is a complete transformation in his behavior from the past. He is more cheerful, there are no anger issues and he hasn’t used negative words like ‘no one loves me’ ‘I am sad and lonely’ ‘I wish I died’ etc. since his healing! The child gets along beautifully with his parents and there is overall harmony in the family.

So much trauma the soul carried which triggered the child’s present day unnatural behavior and he was being reprimanded for something which he wasn’t even aware about!

This is how powerfully energies work when the root cause is known and healed permanently.

If someone is raging in anger without any real reason, if there is continues chaos and disharmony within the family members, if someone who has generally been cheerful suddenly starts seeing negativity in everything and is in a constant sad mood, do watch out and take notice and instead of blaming the person and being upset at him try finding what could be the real reason for this sudden behavior change – as he may be in trouble because of some unresolved trigger at soul level.

With Divine Light & Love

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