Fireflies Ashram in Bangalore

Powerful & Pristine, DIVINE & UNIQUE

Life transforming Event Oneness with Nature along with Five Elements Meditation & Siddha Fire Meditation followed by Powerful Satsang in Bangalore - the Most Mesmerizing Spiritual Hub.

Initiated & Guided By MahaYogi Madhukarji

Overnight Spiritual Event at a soothing Ashram atmosphere amidst green Nature. 

Date: 24-25th March 2019
Check in: 24th 1pm IST
Check out: 25th 1pm IST
Transport: Pick & Drop from Bangalore City

The Divine Event includes:

  • 5 Elements Meditation
  • Fire Meditation with Siddha Energies
  • Satsang where all your spiritual quests will be answered
  • 15 days of Pre Event Distant Healing & 15 days of Post Event Distant Healing sessions to all the participants to prepare them at Body, Mind & Soul level for the powerful initiation.
  • Transportation from Bangalore city to Venue and back to city, accommodation at Serene Ashram on sharing basis and Satvik Food.

At the mesmerizing SATSANG MahaYogiji will share profound experiences, from HIS thousands of years of spiritual journey across HIS several births and will share HIS deep insight on

Soul Creation, Soul Journey, Karma, Soul Planning, Past Lives, Reincarnation, Spiritual Sadhana, Spiritual Energies, Kundalini Awakening, Self-realization, Enlightenment, Moksha & BEYOND…,

which would take each seeker's spiritual growth to the next level.

Unique, Rare & Limited Opportunity.

Prior Registration is MUST on first come first serve because of limited rooms and facilities at Ashram.


INR 7500

For Registrations Call/WhatsApp:

Nina Singh (India) +919321334566
Rachana Sanghvi (UAE) +971559314320

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With Divine Light & Love