What is Healing?

Healing is the process of the restoration of health. The root of the word healing means ‘to make whole’.

What is Therapy?

Therapy means a treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder. So in a sense anything that is applied in order to change the physiology is a therapy. This includes all forms of techniques or modality.

Is a Healing/Therapy session for you?

Before trying any kind of Healing/Therapy, including conventional and alternative methods, it is important that you take a moment to verify where you are, relevance, requirements and intensity of the concerns and then go for it for the best results.

Why don’t we get the expected results from healing/therapy always?

This mean the responsibility of the results do not rest on the practitioner only, but on the person desiring a certain change.
Each person must be responsible for their own healing. They must be part of the process.

Being part of the healing process include:
Commitment – Committing to your health and what is required (time, finance, change of habits, etc.)
Openness – Seize the opportunities that present themselves and try new things
Trust – A minimum of trust in the process and in the practitioner is required. Skepticism is ok, but if you don’t feel like you resonate with the process or the practitioner you can ask him or her to refer you to someone else or find something you resonate with.
Receptivity – Being receptive of your body’s messages
Gratitude – Don’t underestimate the power of gratitude. Just being grateful for the opportunity to heal or to have found a method or practitioner who might be able to help you can make a big difference.
Attentiveness – Noticing what is different (in every area), not focusing on the results you are expecting.

I have noticed a lot of difference in results between clients who embody most of those qualities and the ones that don’t.

Do you guarantee the desired results after the Healing/Therapy Sessions?


Is Healing Safe?


What all Advanced Spiritual Healing Can Heal ?
  • Aura Diagnosis and HEALING : to scan the energy at Aura level and do necessary HEALING to remove the unwanted and negative energies.
  • Aura Balancing : to balance the Auras with necessary HEALING so that required positive enwrgies can be attracted for betterment at all levels in life.
  • Black Magic Removal HEALING : to remove any Black Magic effect at body mind or soul level which came either from past life or current life and gift the client a fresh and free life.
  • Spirit Possession Release HEALING : to remove any spirit attack from body or house.
  • Negative Energies and Negative Entities Release HEALING : to remove negativity from physical body, energy bodies, mind, soul, staying place or workplace.
  • Curse and Spells Release HEALING : to remove any curse or black energy spell thrown to the client from past life or in current life.
  • House HEALING : to remove any Black or unwanted energies from the staying place or workplace.
  • Energy HEALING : to remove any kind of negative and unwanted energies from the aura, subtle bodies and chakras.
  • Karmic HEALING : to remove any kind of blockages accumulated due to past life karmas.
  • Psychic Cord Cutting HEALING : to cut unwanted etheric chords with others which create trouble or disturbances in life.
  • Psychic attacks release HEALING : to cure and heal any kind of mental or emotional or energy body attacks from external entities or energy beings or human beings.
  • Psychic Protection HEALING : to protect one from any attack from external entities or beings - as a precautionary method.
  • HEALING for Shield : to shield or protect our Clients at body mind soul and aura level to prevent them from any attack caused in day to day social life.
  • Psychotherapy HEALING : for Mentally disbalanced people.
  • Emotional HEALING : for depression related issues.
  • Soul HEALING : to remove deep rooted fear trauma pain sufferings etc which got accumulated in the SOUL.
  • Relationship HEALING : to remove all blockages from a relationship to make it a better and healthy one.
  • Star Mandala HEALING with Siddha Energies : to remove unwanted blockages for overall family peace and happiness and material prosperity.
  • Chakra Balancing and Chakra HEALING : to remove blockages at our chakra levels for attracting positive opportunities in life.
  • Subtle bodies HEALING : to remove blockages at our subtle body level for attracting positive energies at body mind soul level.