Samyama operandi for attending cases

At Samyama, we have formulated a 4 point methodology to attend the issues of the clients. In this era of perfection, clients do ask about our approach for solving their problems, keeping their concerns in mind, we have developed this method after lot of thoughtfulness and experience by handling 1000s of clients across the globe. Our 4 point approach is listed below

  1. Consultation/Personal Counselling.
  2. Problem Investigation/SOUL Reading/Psychic Reading.
  3. Basic solutions.
  4. Advanced solutions.

Fee structure:

  • Consultation Charges (30 minutes) - Rs.2000
  • Personal Counselling (30 minutes) - Rs.2000
  • Soul Reading/Akashic Reading/Past Life Karmic Reading (Per Reading Per Person) - Rs.5000
  • Advanced Healing- Rs.3000 per session.
  • Past Life Regression/Hypnotherapy (Per session) - Rs.5000
  • Spirit Release Healing - Rs.5000 per session.
  • Black Magic Removal- Rs.5000 per session.
  • Past Life Curses Removal – Rs 5000 per session
  • Distant Healing-Rs. 3000 Per Session.

Overseas charges:-

  • Soul Reading/Akashic Reading/Past Life Karmic Reading (Per Reading Per Person) – $ 80 USD
  • Advanced Spiritual Healing- $50 USD per session

1. As per Govt. of India directive, 18 % GST shall be applicable on all our services.
2. In special cases, healing charges may vary which will be informed prior to healing sessions.

Healing is not an easy process, lot of factors such as time, energy, focus, concentration and most importantly divine intervention are necessary tools for good results.

Healers take extreme care and healing has to be done with precision. In some cases, the clients may not get desired results with basic healing, at this point healers have to opt for advanced solutions, but mind you this is not a cakewalk. In many critical cases, healers have to risk their lives and heal the client in order to provide them the solutions for their longstanding problem. For example, if the healer is trying to remove negative entities from a body, there are instances where the negativities might attack the healer himself.

Each person must be responsible for their own healing. They must be part of the process. Saying all these, there are many factors which will influence the healing process, people will get desired results only if they exhibit these processes listed below.

Commitment – Committing to your health and what is required (time, finance, change of habits and attitude, etc.).

Openness – Seize the opportunities that present themselves and try new things.

Trust – A minimum of trust in the process and in the practitioner is required. Scepticism is ok, but if you don’t feel like you resonate with the process or the practitioner you can ask him or her to refer you to someone else or find something you resonate with.

Receptivity – Being receptive of your body’s messages.

Gratitude – Don’t underestimate the power of gratitude. Just being grateful for the opportunity to heal or to have found a method or practitioner who might be able to help you can make a big difference.

Attentiveness – Noticing what is different (in every area), not focusing on the results you are expecting.

Karma – One might reap more benefits if their Karma is accomplished.

Patience – Patience is must as most of the psychosomatic issues are accumulated energy imbalance from many years or lives and rebalancing process takes at least minimum few days/months.

Results shouldn’t be expected over night, small increment results will be seen on a daily basis.

We have noticed a lot of difference in results between clients who express most of those qualities and the ones that don’t.