Samyama Foundation

Samyama Foundation

Samyama Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Charitable Trust, registered under the Indian Trust Act-1882, in the month of June 2019, founded by Mahayogi Madhukar Guruji and Maa Aditiji located in Bangalore-India, with the following humble mission:

  • To serve the society and humanity
  • To protect the environment
  • To spread spiritual awareness among mankind so that they can raise their consciousness to the next level and find ways to come out of various sufferings and concerns of their lives
  • To support the less privileged section of people of the society with material, education and other necessary requirements along with spiritual guidance
  • To spread and protect the eternal teachings and heritage of the Sanatan Adi culture through its different kind of activities, across the country of India.

Samyama Foundation is a sister organization of Samyama Healing CentreĀ®. The Foundation is based at the most spiritual Indian city, Bangalore. The programs are guided by Guruji and Maa, along with a team of trained, vibrant and enthusiastic like-minded volunteers from India and abroad.

Samyama Foundation aims to fulfill its mission through the SEES Programs as follows: -

Spiritual (S)

  • Spreading Yoga
  • Spreading benefits of practicing Meditation
  • Spreading awareness among people to follow the path of spirituality, by using various ancient Rishis and Siddhas tools and techniques
  • Organizing retreats and events to support the above spiritual causes
  • Opening and maintaining spiritual training centers
  • Holding Satsang sessions, to share divine guidance, wisdom and knowledge to quench the thirst of interested spiritual seekers

Educational (E)

  • Providing aid for research in the fields of yoga, meditation, alternative medicines and therapies
  • Assisting needy and deserved students with scholarships for their further studies
  • Offering some basic needs to less privileged children like, books, stationaries, instruments and other similar things required by them, to pursue their education
  • Supporting libraries, museums, reading rooms, auditoriums for advancement of education, cultural awareness, knowledge and activities, to protect and maintain our Sanatan (perpetual) culture and heritage

Environmental (E)

  • Protecting the environment and natural resources to save the Mother Earth
  • Creating awareness for renewable energies like solar energy, hydroelectricity and so on
  • Spreading awareness on preservation of nature through tree plantations activity, afforestation, by conducting programs, seminars and lectures as well
  • Creating awareness and educating people on organic farming

Social (S)

  • Providing financial aid to orphanages or similar homes, which take care of the needs of orphans, destitute and any other special sector of people of the society
  • Providing medical aid to improve the health of the needy people
  • Making people conscious about nutritional and organic food value for their general well-being and healthy lifestyle and thus saving and protecting the human health and environment
  • Promoting charitable activities, education and culture without any distinction based on caste, creed, culture, gender, religion, faith and race
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