Siddha Fire Meditation

What is Siddha Energies?

Siddha Energies are the healing energies which come from Higher Realms within this Universe and beyond this Universe. These energies are highly purified and prepare participants perfectly ready for the Spiritual heights, by resolving their various issues of life, like Material, Relationships and Health and so on.

What is Fire Meditation?

Meditation done in front of Fire - where Siddha Energies are being invoked by MahaYogi Madhukar Ji, founder of Samyama Healing Centre®, Bengaluru. This power is a Divine mechanism gifted by the Universe to Yogi Ji. This comes to him due to his prolonged years and many lives of Spiritual Sadhana. The Energy radiates a hue of Red, Gold and Electric Violet. The Energies during Fire Meditation enter the physical bodies of participants through their subtle bodies and chakras. The invoked Energy (combination of Fire and Siddha energies) comes from the Higher Realms within this Universe and beyond and also from the Sun energy.

Importance of Fire and its Uniqueness:

Fire is one of the 5 basic Elements of Nature that govern our lives. Fire has the ability to consume and transform the old into new form. Fire energy is the energy of enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination and activity. It is the energy of heat, action, emotion and passion. It is energy of ideas, of concepts of physical vitality. It is alive, potent but often destructive. We all need the heat, passion and life giving energy of the fire element to uplift our inner being to a brighter state.

* Spiritual Seekers and Participants will start receiving Profound & Powerful Life Transforming Healing and Divine Fire Energies everyday minimum 30 minutes for 15 days prior to initiation and 30 minutes for 15 days Post- initiation when guidance is properly followed with Full Faith, Respect and Gratitude given by Yogi Ji. *

How Participants are benefited?
  • Creates a Stronger & Brighter Aura leading to Instant Advanced Healing

    - The Siddha Energies through the rays of Fire element instantly cleans all the negative energies from the participants' aura & subtle bodies. These negative energies may get accumulated due to various reasons like - Karmas, negative thoughts of self and others, negative energies etc.
    - Once the negativity from the aura and subtle bodies get cleansed, our bio-energy system becomes brighter, powerful and expand and attract more positive healing energies instantly.
    - Once healing energies enter the physical body of the participant, it builds the body-mind-soul awareness for better health and cleaner thought process and balance the physical being.

  • Stills the Mind for Deeper Meditation Boosting Spiritual growth

    - Increases the ability to recognize impermanence of thoughts and to release those that are not helpful or unwanted.
    - Fire is considered as Sacred Energy and easy way to connect the Seeker to the Divine Energies. Helps to gain Clarity and Focus on relevant and positive matters.
    - Helps to pay attention to what is happening at the current moment instead of thinking about past or future. To be in Present State is a high level attainment in Spiritual path and Soul Journey.

  • Charge the Passions to lead a life of Abundance

    - Boosts up participants' Inner Strength, Power, Courage and Confidence.
    - Burns and removes all negative emotions like Stress, Depression, Fear, Traumas and Pains etc.
    - Increases positive and clear thought process with a Clear Vision and Clarity about life. Right decisions become easier.

  • Increases the Manifestation Power for Material fulfilment

    - Since thoughts are powerful, more positive manifestations are possible with purification and cleansing of thought processes.
    - Also, since Siddha Energies surround the participants, for a prolonged period, it clears all financial blockages due to negativity or karmas at aura level and attract more positive material prosperity and opportunities.
    - Since Physical, Mental and Emotional Vitality and Vigour charges up with Siddha Fire Energies, participants get newer and brighter ideas in different aspects of their lives. 

  • Conclusion

    - Fire has been an important part of all cultures and religions from pre-historic time till modern day. It was vital to the development of civilizations too. Hence, the Universe has designed a much advanced and modern Spiritual technique of Fire Energy Shower with Siddha Energies through MahaYogi Madhukar Ji, for the development of humanity and society.