Siddha Healing & Group Meditation

What is Siddha Healing?

Siddha refers to a person who has achieved a high degree of physical as well as spiritual perfection. Healing refers to the process of making someone sound or healthy.

Hence Siddha Healing is the process of preparing someone perfectly ready for the Spiritual height, by solving his Material, Relationship and Health issues.


Siddhas were very few in the entire history of earth. They had most powerful healing tools with them. When healing is done through Siddhas or with the same healing tools, it is called Siddha Healing which very few have mastered till date. Siddha Healing and Group meditation (SHM) is a spiritual program and a Divine Mechanism gifted (by Universe) to MahaYogi Madhukar Ji, founder of Samyama Healing centre, Bengaluru.

What the participant gets:

The participant is initiated and connected to Higher Energies triggering healing of the physical and the subtle bodies. These energies not only heal the physical aspect but clear, heal and balance the Past (life) Karma as well, which is important for one’s material and spiritual growth. Only when we clear our past life’s karmas and are no more bound by it, we can move ahead and attain Spiritual liberation.

How Siddha Healing works:

Siddha energies come from Higher Dimensions and Lokas (once it is invoked by MahaYogi Madhukar Ji) which makes it more powerful than the healing energies available on the Earth. The energy then passes to each participant and with regular practise and discipline for a month results in greater improvements in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Why Siddha Healing is Unique:

SHM is unique as compared to other healing programs as it is not just one time initiation – but a month long distance healing process wherein the Siddha energies are programmed to be received by the initiated ones everyday for half an hour. Clairvoyantly and through participants’ feedback we have come to know that one Siddha Healing session is equivalent to many days of personal healing sessions by other known healing modalities prevailing on Earth currently.

What does one experience after Initiation?

Those initiated into SHM experience:

  • Quality sleep
  • Stress free life
  • Work life balance
  • Deeper Meditation
  • Relationship harmony
  • More creativity & productivity
  • Positive attitude & manifestations
  • Increased confidence and better clarity in decision making
  • Increased energy level attracts positive people & opportunities
  • Overall peace and balance in daily life with regular practise of SHM

How it affects the different aspects of a participants Life:

Relationship: Clears off root cause of problems which are embedded in the Past lives. Heals the Souls involved and brings peace and harmony in their relationship.

Corporate Life: Cools down Stress and Removes Anxiety resulting in more productivity. Heals the mind and helps in taking right decisions at workplace, helps in increased efficiency, creativity and increased problem solving ability. Heals the body and making it healthier which brings inner peace resulting in Work Life Balance.

Education: Heals the mind and body, increasing the capacity of concentration and memory, increased creativity, grasping power, confidence resulting in overall success.

Health: Removes all negative energies - that surrounds the physical body and are cause for attracting different ailments. Removes seeds that were sown by the past life karmas or negative attacks and brings back vitality in body and life.

Material Life: Clears off any knot if rooted in the past life and advances material growth. Clears off energy blockages and negativities from chakras and subtle bodies as well as from the aura of the physical body which results in faster thought manifestation and desire manifestation of material life.

Spiritual: Clears off Energy level blockages at physical, emotional, mental and at the soul level. Calms the mind and helps in deeper meditation. Cleans the Aura and balances the Chakras which improves the receptivity power of the person to receive the divine energies from higher dimensions. Connects to higher energies instantly which clears off karmic blockages, unlocks hidden powers, unlocks natural abilities for which otherwise many months or years of meditation practice is required.

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