SAMYAMA Spiritual Events & Retreats

Advanced Spiritual Healing

SAMYAMA Spiritual Events which are organized under the DIVINE guidance of MahaYogi Madhukarji, are something vibrantly profound and brilliantly mesmerizing. It is beyond mere get together of people and give a speech or Education on Spirituality without much post-effect in the lives of the participants.

SAMYAMA EVENTS are practically LIFE TRANSFORMING occurrences or happenings and a Transcendental impacts for each participant as well as the Organizers.

Each and every EVENT of Samyama is as per the DIVINE guidance ONLY. Be it the Date, be it the Format, be it the Healing Modalities and Meditation Methods or be it the Advanced techniques of Spiritual Sadhana. Even the Deserved SOULs are divinely connected to our EVENTS as participants.

Huge Powerful Enchanting and Pristine Energies get descended, from Higher Dimensions (Lokas) within this Universe and BEYOND… The Spiritual Energies invoked and downloaded during our EVENTS were never available or given to common people in the entire history of Earth due to various reasons. To access and download such energies even to SELF requires more than 100 years of intense Spiritual Practice in Himalayas. To connect and bless it for common people (who are not in to intense spiritual practices), it requires 1000s of years of Spiritual Sadhana across several births.

In Dark Age, mere theories and spiritual knowledge won’t really help in triggering the real spiritual process for common people due to the influence of exceeded negativity and contamination both outside and inside and also in surroundings. That is why it is called as “DARK AGE”; in this era it requires investment of huge amount of Divine Spiritual Energies to give stronger jerk to souls and awaken the dormant minds by Cleansing, Purifying, Healing and Energizing at all the levels, such as BODY, MIND, Subtle and SOUL level, only then common people get enough push, support and boost to start or accelerate their Spiritual Process with strong base and support which takes them to next level in their SOUL journey.  

During each EVENT we give 1 month HEALING to each participant. (15 days of pre EVENT Distant Healing and 15 days of post EVENT Distant Healing). Pre Event Healing is to prepare each participant at their Body-Mind-Soul level, so that they can receive the Powerful Divine Energies that are being downloaded during the event. Post Healing helps each participant to assimilate the Divine Pure Energy into their Physical body system and Lifestyle.

Each of our EVENTS is uniquely strategic in terms of the format and Meditation techniques, depending on location, time, duration and various other factors, purely instructed by the DIVINE guidance. This makes each of our EVENTS beautifully different from each other and helps to maintain the freshness in it, by avoiding monotony.

During our EVENTS each participant gets SELF-experience of feeling the invigorating ENERGY through their different senses. Many also get amazing Spiritual Experiences during the EVENT or during the 1 month Healing period, depending on the Discipline maintained, their Openness, Receptivity, Faith, Respect and Gratitude on the DIVINE Energies.

Several times, it has been observed that Karmic Blockages that had been accumulated through several births, get partially or completely removed by the Divine and Pristine Energies that get down poured during our EVENTS. Once the Karmic Blockages are removed, one starts seeing improvements at all the levels, Be at Health, Relationship, Finance, Profession, Business and Spiritual growth and so on…

The best and most fascinating part of the EVENT is the wonderful SATSANG with MahaYogiji, where all Spiritual Quests, raised by each participant, will be answered in a satisfying and mystical manner with immense patience and calmness. Each SOUL will be magically satisfied by the responses given by MahaYogiji and an Inner Purification and Inner Spiritual Awakening will start automatically, surprisingly and mesmerizingly, among the participants.

The priceless Spiritual Wisdom shared by MahaYogiji in all our previous events be it on Energy World or Spirituality or Universal Eternal Truth were never available or accessible to Humanity in the Entire History of Earth and obviously never documented in any Books or Scriptures. There are some KEY wisdom which are authentic out of HIS own experiences and realizations from his prolonged Spiritual Journey; just by knowing it one may start feeling the shift and transformation at all the levels.

At the magnificent SATSANG, MahaYogiji will also share profound experiences, from HIS thousands of years of Spiritual Journey across HIS several births and will share HIS deep insight on Soul Creation, Soul Journey, Karma, Soul Planning, Past Lives, Reincarnation, Spiritual Sadhana, Spiritual Energies, Kundalini Awakening, Self-realization, Enlightenment, Mukthi (Liberation) and BEYOND…, which would take each seeker's spiritual thirst and growth to the next level.

After each EVENT, participants are bound to feel a transformation inside them, a real jerk for uplifting themselves as SOULS, a magical interest for daily Spiritual Sadhana and an inner intelligent understanding for coming into their current physical birth as they are NOW (life purpose). They will understand the TRUTH of this Universe and beyond… They will be contented immensely by observing, feeling and understanding as what is DIVINE ENERGY in reality.

Finally MUST say is that, both the participants as well as our organizers observe a beautiful, fruitful and successful upliftment in every aspect of their lives astonishingly, due to DIVINE Energies and Blessings.

Few glimpses below from our previous priceless Spiritual Events…