Our Team

Samyama Healing Center

A TEAM is a group of people who are interdependent with respect to information, resources, skills and zeal and who seek to combine their efforts to achieve a common goal.

Our team members are inclined to spirituality and have an immense zeal to grow as SOULs. This common zeal and interest to develop themselves as a soul, in the path of spirituality, has brought them together under the mesmerizing and DIVINE shed of SAMYAMA, where they can get advanced level guidance from the DIVINE HIMSELF, MahaYogi Madhukarji.

Simultaneously, they as individuals, are comfortably settled in their material lives and each one has his/her own unique skill sets and are quite efficient in that area. They bring their knowledge and learnings along with their skills, independently and implement the same as a team and for the organization. This makes our TEAM very unique and beautiful and a lively place. Same time, they have a divine quest for SELFLESS SERVICE, which is actually scaling up their spiritual path with a rapid GROWTH.

Our core team members gather and experience several spiritual wonders and spiritual self-experiences, through their serving journey towards SAMYAMA. It is NOT only during the MEDITATION time, that they get SOUL and DIVINE driven messages but also, each day each moment, they get astonished by beautiful happenings in their day to day life.

Our team members' Genuine Effort, Pure Intent, Dedication and Discipline and Eagerness to grow as a SOUL along with Selfless Service, bring a wonderful UNITY in the TEAM and the outcome is amazingly successful every time with DIVINE Blessings.

Our TEAM members are well aware that they are always protected by the DIVINE Energies and guided by the DIVINE Blessings, at any point of their lives. They enjoy this DIVINE Bonding and have trust and gratitude towards it.

When one is in the path of Selfless Service to Guru and to the Divine, especially in the path of spirituality, his/her both material and spiritual life is taken care of at its best.

We are always open to extend our team members to serve humanity based on certain eligibility and also if divine guidance permits the same.

Divine Light & Gratitude