Namaste All…

MahaYogi Madhukarji has transformed my life completely with HIS DIVINEly presence. Today I am a strong Clairsentience, a Divine messenger as well as an Akashic Record Reader. But YES, for this my SOUL planning as well as Past Life Spiritual Sadhanas mattered immensely…

As long as you have spontaneous and effortless faith in your Guru and your true SELF, nothing will be able to obstruct your way.

Am about to unfold few remarkable and eye opening experiences of my spiritual life.

MahaYogi Madhukarji, I have not seen GOD yet but he is a God in human form to me. I bow to him with great respect and gratitude.

My message is especially for THOSE WHO ARE SPIRITUAL SEEKERS & SPIRITUAL ASPIRANTS & want to achieve a great height in the dimensions of occult science and want to explore a wonderful world beyond this EARTH…

He has transformed me to a different and a higher spiritual level today and prepared me for liberation. He has taught and trained me with evidences that in a human being both extreme qualities in their characters are required (e.g. soft & hard / maturity & innocence / strict & liberal / modern & traditional… so on). This is a MUST learning for the liberation of a SOUL. Not at all an easy task but how nicely HE taught me this super skill. Now this is possible only by a REAL GURU.

A REAL Guru will never try to change your OWN self but will groom you and push you towards your greatness.

With Divine guidance and HIS permission, I wish to pen down few things, which would open a wonderful divine and mysterious side altogether.

I have been a hard-core corporate lady being in different profiles like Business Development Manager, Regional Sales Manager and National Product Manager in IT industry (With very less touch in Spirituality). After coming across  MahaYogiji, 4 years back TODAY I am a purified refined Spiritual Soul altogether.

MahaYogiji is a TRANSFORMER for me. HE showed me that though I was fully ready for this Spiritual height yet was fully UNAWARE of it. Today, I can say HE is a divine figure to me.

In past few years I have been initiated (by MahaYogiji) in several spiritual development techniques or Siddhis (some in conscious awareness and some in SOUL form during meditation) and experienced several spiritual activities. Wish to mention a few please.

1. • Astral Travel •
MahaYogiji taught me how to do astral travel when our physical body is in deep sleep.
This technique makes one’s SOUL more powerful and clears off all fears and makes it stronger like a super fighter so that it can accept Divine Energies as and when required which are highly powerful like high voltage electricity. Initially my SOUL used to go out of my body unconsciously and used to get many hits. It used to lose tracks even while returning to the body. Though it was risky and dangerous I won and learnt the technique just because of MahaYogiji’s super guidance.

2. • Interacting with others' SOUL•
With MahaYogiji’s divine guidance only I developed this too. It happened like this: since last few years someone who is very near and close to me, was having some kind of irritation and discomfort with me while coming to my eye contact. I sat (in meditation) for an interaction with the person's SOUL and confirmed it that it is still dear to me and it should calm down and be normal. If any misunderstanding is there it should immediately remove it. Surprisingly from next day it changed and no discomfort or uneasiness in the eyes of that person anymore. Thank you MahaYogiji.

3. • Interacting with Departed SOULs•
It happened like this. I had an aunty who left body at a very early age. During her lifetime she was behind me and troubling me too. This she continued even after leaving Earth but with more intensity now. One night with MahaYogiji’s fabulous guidance my SOUL reached my aunt's SOUL and after lot of confrontation the incident came to an end. Today there is no disturbance no trouble for me from her. Without HIS support, this risky skill was not at all possible for me. Thank you very much.

4. • Interacting with and communicating to my OWN SOUL • 
This is required to bring in necessary and required Spiritual information from higher dimensions. 
(Experiences are extremely confidential so unable to share please). I am highly blessed to learn this advanced technique from HIM. Connection to your own SOUL is highly required to be on the right track and also for high level inner purification.

5. • Reading minds of people like a book • 
With MahaYogiji’s blessings I developed this technique also under HIS divine guidance, but not to be used unless utmost required or else the power will diminish.

Only 5 Siddhis or techniques (out of several) I have mentioned here, which HE has taught me or initiated me for. But all these are STRICTLY NOT TO BE USED OR APPLIED until it is very important and required and NEVER without HIS divine guidance and permission.

Remember every soul has its own journey. Do things only under Guru’s guidance to reach a safer shore.

Also can't end up without mentioning this: Under Divine and Supreme guidance of MahaYogiji, myself have experienced enormous and awesome and divine happenings in the ENERGY WORLD which cannot be described in words , neither can be found in any books nor can have any explanations by contemporary science research work. Those are beyond normal human comprehension. One needs to come forward and seek for MahaYogiji’s blessings and guidance to experience these practically.

Message for spiritual seekers who are reading this.

You might not know what potential you have, you might not know what capabilities you possess, you might not know what power is hidden inside you and you might not have recognized your own Soul yet......... So, it's high time to get in touch with MahaYogi Madhukarji, if you are a Spiritual aspirant or a Spiritual seeker. He has great and divine mechanisms (or magic keys) to unlock the Hidden Lock in YOU, of which YOU are still UNAWARE. HE is a Divine Master or a Real Guru.
So at one GO , we can say , HE NOT ONLY is a Mesmerizing Healer but a Divine Spiritual Guru and a Spiritual Transformer. HE has the power and tools to take someone to a Great Spiritual Realm provided the person's Body, Mind and Soul are ready for it.

Come, find YourSELF and experience it, with one BOLD step which can take you 1000miles ahead in the Journey…

Aditi Bhattacharya

(Ex National IT Product Manager)


My Journey with Myself

My Name is Hetal Vadodaria. I presently reside in Dubai and am running a business with my Husband. Since childhood I have found myself to be interested in spirituality. The questions of my existence came to me time and again on several occasions. Last many years, I spent most of my time in Reading Books and online study of many Authors like Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Dr. Brian Weiss, and many more. In my quest to learn more, I also learned Healing modalities like Reiki, Crystal Healing, etc... I was also associated as a Volunteer with a Spiritual Organization. I had been Searching for Something. Did not understand what. Something was always missing. Deep down Somewhere I was Yearning to find a Right Guru to guide me on this Spiritual Path.

On 24th of November 2017, My dear friend Rachana was organizing an event, the Group Siddha Healing Meditation in Dubai where I met my Guru, My Master MahaYogi Madhukarji. I shall always remain grateful to Rachana for introducing me to Guruji. And My Life changed from there. All my questions which were unanswered for years got answered. It was like my Soul was craving for that moment. Here began my Actual Journey with Myself. I requested for my Soul Reading and also took Personal Healings from Guruji… There were many blockages which were stopping my Spiritual Progress, which got cleared in the Healings. Guruji has uplifted me on all the levels, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Soul Level. I am and will be eternally Grateful to Guruji, MahaYogi Madhukarji, our Divine Mother Aditiji and the Divine Siddha Energies.

Later that year, My Husband also faced some challenges in Health, Work and Finances. He also requested for a Soul Reading and Personal Healings. With Guruji’s Divine Blessings and Guidance, he was healed at all levels. Me and my Family are eternally Grateful to Guruji and Aditiji for their Divine Blessings and Guidance. The Unconditional Love and Compassion that I feel in the presence of my Guru and my Divine Mother is Unexplainable.

The Profound Knowledge that Guruji shared with us in the Satsangs has changed our entire perspective of life. I had always till now consciously worked at the Body and Mind Level. Now I am learning about the Soul. My Learnings are of Soul Strength, Soul Courage, Soul Purity and Soul Quality. “Take care of your Soul and your Soul will take care of you” is what Guruji always says.

Having a True Master in your Life is the Biggest Blessing one can get.

Guruji taught us how to Meditate and why it is so important. Meditation is an integral part of our lives now and we would encourage everyone to come and join us in this Beautiful Journey. Don’t Miss the Divine Opportunity.

My Prayer to the Divine will be to always keep me in Awareness and to keep me in Service. I and my family are immensely Grateful to Guruji, Mahayogi Madhukarji and our Divine Mother Aditiji and to the Divine Siddha Energies for the Divine Blessings and Guidance.

In Immense Gratitude,

Hetal Vadodaria ( Director )


My Journey from Material Success to Spiritual Liberation…
Before I share my life transforming experience in detail I would first express my Gratitude to MahaYogi Madhukar ji and Aditi Bhattacharya ji in my own words.
There is a saying, “There are three things we cry for in life: Things that are lost, Things that are found and Things that are Magnificent.” My master MahaYogi Madhukar Ji is Magnificently Best Divine Healer, Best Mentor, Best Therapist, Best Spiritual Guide, Best Spiritual transformer and a REAL Guru, who helps people to be an individual and Not dependent on anyone including him but only their own soul. HE is the epitome of utmost Simplicity and divinity.
Aditi Bhattacharyaji is the only Disciple of MahaYogi Madhukarji and the most Powerful Divine SOUL in our Universe.
The Queen in the Creator’s kingdom,
Who sits on the Throne of all existence,
Is exactly the same as in yours,
And HER name is,
SHE is a Divine Charismatic Beauty, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel.
SHE is an Epitome of deep compassion, love and kindness, Unfathomable Inner Strength, Courage, confidence and her powerful silence spreads a luminous light and love widely around. HER Honesty and Humility is most adorable and to be learned.
With utmost Humbleness and her mesmerizing Healing energy she keeps guiding and uplifting souls towards Purity, Humility, Positivity, Freedom, Truth and Liberation to seeking SOULS under Divine Guidance and Blessings of MahaYogiji.
The mission and vision of MahaYogiji and Aditiji together with THERE Tireless efforts, Staunch Conviction and Pure Selfless Intention for many many births since our existence is to UPLIFT HUMANITY TO THEIR HIGHER SELF with MahaYogiji’s Most Magnificent Mystical Healing technique and Energies to free the SOUL from past and move humanity towards freedom, liberation, back to its SOURCE OF CREATION. My favorite learning from them
 “Take care of your SOUL and your SOUL will take care of you.”
I was born in a Jain family, studied in a convent school, had followed one famous Hindu guru for 10 years, migrated and settled in a Muslim country, read and inspired by many self-help and philosophical books Learnt various healing techniques like Reiki, Pranic healing, Crystal healing, Kundalini yoga and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Also experienced intense devotion of one deity for some time.
By the age of 41 went through lot of learnings and churnings. But still no peace. There came a time where I felt disinterested in everything and anything in spite of a loving family and a comfortable life. Even though people got motivated and inspired through me I had a feeling of loneliness, sadness, vacuum, fatigue, suffocation and despair. As I had lost faith in all deities or actually could never connect to.
I kept praying to Brahman…our Universe…our Creator always, I had decided not to run after any guru or an organization as I believed if the student is ready Master will appear. I was feeling helpless as a sailor stranded alone in an island and hopeless as if left high and dry. More and more revelations about life kept coming to me and felt like where to run. When I was at the peak of my mental suffering there came a divine intervention through one beautiful friend who I had just met. She introduced me to MAHAYOGI MADHUKAR JI a DIVINE Master and a MYSTICAL Healer in Real sense.
MahaYogi Madhukar Ji is not only a Divine Master in our Universe but much beyond I would rather say. First step I took was I got my Psychic Readings/Soul Reading done to find the actual karmic Root Cause of my suffocation, sadness, mental suffering, and depression also not able to pursue anything for long.
After accepting my 100 percent accurate readings about my past life which I could relate to my present life I felt as if 25 percent of my issue is solved. As a second step I attended siddha healing group meditation in Bangalore which brought lot of healings at my physical and mental level that is another 50 percent taken care. Last and the final step I took 14 days of distance personal healings to heal myself at a soul level from my past karma for which my present was a consequence.
OH MY GOD! I am feeling great sense of freedom. To me freedom is like the ocean. There are many waves that haven’t been discovered. My interest in life and spiritual quest came back. Felt very fresh as a sea breeze. Also the vacuum of somebody missing disappeared as I found my master. I rediscovered my self-worth and heightened my self-esteem which was apparently very low.my fatigue disappeared.
My heartfelt Gratitude to my Master MahaYogi Madhukar Ji for uplifting me at all levels of my life starting from health, mental, emotional and spiritual. MahaYogi Ji’s profound discourses on untapped topics like Lokas and dimensions, Enlightenment and beyond Enlightenment, soul and reincarnation, life after death, DNA reprogramming, kundalini awakening, soul planning, universe and beyond most important meditation and soul energy cannot be found in any books or scriptures. Also HIS Revelations on our Epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata opens up a new dimension of learning and understanding the Truth.
HE also gave me an opportunity to be an instrument in selfless service of organizing a siddha healing group Meditation in Dubai & Ahmedabad which was like a roller coaster ride for me at a physical level but a great promotion for my SOUL upliftment just because of HIS continuous presence, guidance and blessings, around 150 fortunate souls could take showers of Siddha Energies and take their life to a next level gracefully. Many could actually feel a state of trance in the meditation. Many also felt healings at physical level .Every event is more self-Realization and Inner Transformation about Myself.
I bow down with full Faith, Respect and Gratitude to MahaYogiji and Aditiji forever.
Please don’t ignore your SOUL calling to take spiritual guidance from MahaYogi Madhukar Ji or else you may miss this opportunity for lifetimes to promote your SOUL towards liberation.
With Immense Gratitude

Rachana Sanghvi

(Spiritual Counselor)


I have attended so far six events of Samyama Healing Centre. Each event of Samyama has given me lot of peace, positivity, happiness, calmness, developed ability to take stress, inner bliss, highly divine knowledge and guidance, immensely good experiences, opportunity to interact with wonderful souls who are being like family members and opportunity to do service in some of the events which has again taught me lot of things and improved my personality by making me realize my limitations and areas of improvements and could developed new skills which was the need of the hour.

I am immensely grateful to Guruji and Aditiji for giving me so much in such a short time. The divine guidance and blessings received during these events and in Soul Reading has helped me to a great extent to manage certain type of challenges faced at work from long time in better manner. Also immensely grateful to Siddha Healing Energies received by us through Guruji as amazing things could be experienced because of the positive flow of this energy.

Words are not enough to express my Gratitude. I believe that the most important gift that Guruji and Aditiji has given us is to develop the ability to grow and evolve on our own under their divine blessings.

I considered year 2018 as most lucky year of my life in which I could attend four events of Samyama under Divine presence of MahaYogiji and Divine Mother Aditiji at amazing places including Bali and Himalayas-Bhutan, in spite of all challenges at work. Whenever I see the photographs of past events I feel flow of happiness and positivity flowing through me. 

I would definitely recommend to all the souls not to miss the opportunity to attend any divine event of Samyama Healing Centre in future. Looking forward for more amazing events. 

Ashit Sanghvi

(Chartered Accountant)


They say a Guru finds his students when they are ready for Him. A similar case happened with me. I was a part of a random WhatsApp group when someone posted a blog post of MahaYogiji. I was not very active in reading the hundred odd messages on the group but I happened to read this particular post. It didn’t have any name of the author yet I felt so intrigued and connected to His words. I immediately copied some lines into Google and found the post on Samyama’s Facebook page and subsequently contacted MahaYogiji. I had no idea why I was calling but I wanted to meet and see Him. And thus started my conscious interactions with Guruji.

It’s been over 2 years till date and I have had the beautiful fortune of interacting very closely with Him and Aditiji through soul readings, personal healing sessions, attending the divine events and to finally being chosen as a blessed Team Member of Samyama Healing Centre. 

I get asked many times what changes have I seen in myself and I find myself telling everyone - Everything about me has changed! I am summarizing below some key areas of my life and what transformations have come about in the last two years. Although they are not isolated but have jointly contributed to my wellbeing:

1) PHYSICAL: I have learnt to value the body as a temple which the soul encompasses. I have learnt the value of keeping it healthy through regular exercise, pranayam and discipline. I used to get constant (about 2-3 times a week) chronic migraines since I was about 7 years old. The lifestyle shift has drastically improved that. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome about 10 years ago. All my vitals have thus drastically improved and I no longer have any problematic cysts or related hormonal issues.

2) MENTAL: I used to be a very sensitive and emotional person with a fluctuating sense of self-worth and victim mentality. Guruji taught me a very vital difference between love and emotional attachment. And how toxic emotional attachments are. He also taught me the functioning of the Maya world. With these guidance, today I am a far more stable person who has cut out toxicity in terms of emotions, relationships and thoughts. And I am continually progressing forth. 

3) SPIRITUAL: I want to believe I was a seeker of spiritual truths since a very early age. I sought answers through my learnings of Pranic Healing, Theta Healing and Reiki. Yet, I received all that I was looking for with Guruji and Aditiji. They have patiently answered my queries and set me on my own path to discover my own journey ahead. Today, my meditation practices are non- negotiable. I do my practices every single day come hell or high water. It’s not that all of us hit the thoughtless state every time. But the effort to set aside time for yourself (even as little as 5 minutes), even if it means you are ridden with thoughts, it’s still a great practice to begin with. Each day we will progress more than yesterday. Consistency is the key. They both taught me the importance of not rushing, not comparing myself to others, not being in competition with others because at the end of the day, all of us have separate journeys and learnings. There truly cannot be any apple to apple comparison. 

My journey with MahaYogi Madhukarji and Smt. Aditiji so far has been one where simple truths were taught, profound wisdom was shared and priceless teachings were selfless given. I cannot call it magic and truly everything takes time to come about but with faith, respect and gratitude, there is no stopping change that comes about for your highest good. 

For the above and many countless blessings I have received and yet to receive, I remain truly truly indebted. I genuinely encourage everyone reading this testimonial to at minimum have a neutral standpoint before approaching Guruji. Prejudices and preconceived notions will only hamper the journey ahead. There is great change that lies ahead for those that are truly ready. 

In Blessed Divine Service to Samyama,

Ankita Rao

Entrepreneur/ Director

Dubai, UAE

Through my connection to MahaYogi Madhukarji and Maa Aditiji, I have experienced miraculous changes that are harder to explain than I have felt. True to their word, the spirituality they guide is based in experiencing and they have empowered us to grow on our own without any dependency on them also. In a nutshell, I can share about my experiences with them as follows:

Through various soul readings, I have understood my purpose of this life. Let go of patterns blocking my love life. Broken free from past karmic blockages and had gotten saved from going down the wrong path. Despite making several mistakes, I had gotten many opportunities for making amends and improvement. I was also informed of a previous life under Guruji, where I was his most trusted person and yet out of inner impurities I consciously betrayed him. All this was known to him before meeting me in this life, yet with so much love, patience and forgiveness, he guided me and gave me many opportunities for upliftment.


Through various retreats I have seen major improvements in specific areas of my life. Dubai event helped me with my financial and spiritual growth. Mumbai event helped me with my relationship and emotional life. Bali and Bhutan events helped me with selfless service and soul growth through seva/service as an organizer under their guidance. Ahmedabad event helped me in mental growth by letting go of unnecessary thought patterns/blockages. And Bangalore event is now helping me with my inner purification. Overall spiritual growth and upliftment have been taken to the next level at every event.

What we as humans usually seek is happiness, success, peace and I have experienced all these and more many times over since I have come in contact with Samyama Healing Centre. I have learned most valuable lessons in life through their words and silence alike. With full faith respect and gratitude, I'm immensely grateful to MahaYogi Madhukarji, Maa Aditiji and Divine, for guiding me at every step through this wonderful journey as I feel their blessings and presence always.

Anish Rao

Owner & Director
Freeline Engineering Consultants

Dubai - UAE

Hello all,

Friends, this is Ravi from Mangalore, 32-year-old, working as a gold smith. Approximately 1-1/2 years ago, Madhukar guruji was on a spiritual tour to Mangalore, one of my friends Nagaraj introduced me to him. I had lot of apprehensions about life, sometimes I used to wonder why god is impartial, he gives best things to someones, and for someone else he makes lives miserable. Similar to this I had many questions, during our meet, Madhukar guruji answered all my questions to the best of my satisfaction. I had never seen someone answering with so profound meaning. Not only that, he also answered some of my spiritual questions, for which I was unable to find answers. After speaking to him, I developed kind of some self-awareness, which cannot be explained in words.

After 6 months, we met again, I took a past life regression therapy session with him. During the sessions, I got to see some persons in past life, who are related to me in my present life, and also I came to know about some of the situations which are affecting my present life, the answers were in my past life. When Madhukar guruji, regressed me deeper, I could see a divine guru, who initiated me to spiritual path with spiritual connections and energies.

After the session, my interest in spirituality doubled, and Madhukar guruji taught me meditation. Now, I am practising meditation for 45 minutes a day for two times, believe me friends, I am experiencing bliss and I am able to experience positive changes physically and mentally. I am more happy and relaxed than earlier I was.

Sometimes I do share my experiences with Madhukar Guruji, and he explains everything in simple and effective manner. I am indebted to him. You have shown a better path to me.

Thank You Madhukar Guruji, you have made my life more meaningful now.

Ravindra Shet


Madhukar guruji as I call him, we both meet virtually. Due to one strange incident, we happened to meet physically. I never saw someone who at this very young age inclined towards spirituality and seriously doing wonders. I was struggling on my career front, feeling as i was stuck in the cross roads, he gave one beautiful suggestion following which I am more relaxed and peaceful today and doing well in my career. That powerful suggestion showed me a better path, and i made a better decision that day, which has made my today a lot better. He is a unsung hero i can say, who has healed many people, and has made a greater relief and impact in their lives, he has solved many issues like health related problems, relationships, psychosomatic disorders, career related issues, negative energy removing etc etc. I am thankful that I got a guru like him. No one till know has answered my spiritual questions as he does. He possess great understanding of aura, spirituality, healing, chakras, psychic reading etc. I wholeheartedly recommend you to take Madhukar Guruji's consultation if you are having any chronic problem for which you did not find any solution through traditional approaches.


Sri Madhukar Guruji carry tremendous knowledge about Spirituality which is impossible to find in any books. He has answer to almost all the problem which is difficult to find in the Medical science. He is down to earth and listens very patiently and accordingly provide the solution. From past 2 year I am regularly meeting Sri Madhukar Guruji and getting the guidance and support for spiritual growth. Sri Madhukar Guruji also conducted Ashta Mandala Dhyana in my home which improved the health problems of family members and also helped me to enhance my spiritual practice further. Its difficult explain the benefits unless someone experience it. So I highly recommend to consult Sri Madhukar Guruji if somebody seeking spiritual growth, suffering from chronic problems, etc.