My Journey from Material Success to Spiritual Liberation…

I was born in a Jain family, studied in a convent school, had followed one famous Hindu guru for 10 years, migrated and settled in a Muslim country, read and inspired by many self-help and philosophical books by western authors like Dr Neale Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra, Dr Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Dr Brian Weiss, Robin Sharma and many more.

Learnt various healing techniques like Reiki, Pranic healing, Crystal healing, Kundalini yoga and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Also experienced intense devotion of one deity for some time.

By the age of 41 went through lot of learnings and churnings. But still no peace. There came a time where I felt disinterested in everything and anything in spite of a loving family and a comfortable life. Even though people got motivated and inspired through me I had a feeling of loneliness, sadness, vacuum, fatigue, suffocation and despair. As I had lost faith in all deities or actually could never connect to.

I kept praying to Brahman…our universe…our creator always, I had decided not to run after any guru or an organization as I believed if the student is ready master will appear. I was feeling helpless as a sailor stranded alone in an island and hopeless as if left high and dry. More and more revelations about life kept coming to me and felt like where to run. When I was at the peak of my mental suffering there came a divine intervention through one beautiful friend who I had just met. She introduced me to YOGI MADHUKAR Ji a master and a healer in real sense.

Yogi Madhukar Ji is not only a master but much beyond a master I would say. First step I took was I got my Psychic Readings/Soul Reading done to find the actual karmic Root Cause of my suffocation, sadness, mental suffering, and depression also not able to pursue anything for long.

After accepting my 100 percent accurate readings about my past life which I could relate to my present life I felt as if 25 percent of my issue is solved. As a second step I attended siddha healing group meditation in Bangalore which brought lot of healings at my physical and mental level that is another 50 percent taken care. Last and the final step I took 14 days of distance personal healings to heal myself at a soul level from my past karma for which my present was a consequence.

OH MY GOD! I am feeling great sense of freedom. To me freedom is like the ocean. There are many waves that haven’t been discovered. My interest in life and spiritual quest came back. Felt very fresh as a sea breeze. Also the vacuum of somebody missing disappeared as I found my master. I rediscovered my self-worth and heightened my self-esteem which was apparently very low.my fatigue disappeared.

My heartfelt gratitude to my master Yogi Madhukar Ji for uplifting me at all levels of my life starting from health, mental, emotional and spiritual. Yogi Ji’s profound discourses on untapped topics like lokas and dimensions, Enlightenment and beyond Enlightenment, soul and reincarnation, life after death, DNA reprogramming, kundalini awakening, soul planning, universe and beyond most important meditation and soul energy cannot be found in any books or scriptures.

He taught me and my family how to actually meditate to gain actual energy for soul liberation. I can sit for 45 mins in absolute silence at a stretch with minimum thoughts.

He also gave me an opportunity to be an instrument in selfless service of organizing a siddha healing group meditation in #Dubai which was like a roller coaster ride for me at a physical level but a great promotion for my soul upliftment just because of his continuous presence, guidance and blessings, 50 fortunate souls could take showers of siddha energies and take their life to a next level gracefully. Many could actually feel a state of trance in the meditation. Many also felt healings at physical level.

My friends and their families have experienced profound healings at karmic level and a great sense of freedom and happiness as well. I would request each soul reading this post to trust your soul and inner voice as only your soul have guided you to go through this page. Please don’t ignore your soul calling to take spiritual guidance from Yogi Madhukar Ji or else you may miss this opportunity for lifetimes to promote your soul towards liberation.

To conclude, there is a saying, “there are three things we cry for in life: things that are lost, things that are found and things that are magnificent.” My master Yogi Madhukar Ji is magnificently best genuine healer, best mentor, best therapist, best guide, best transformer and a perfect guru, who helps people to be an individual and Not dependent on anyone including him but only their own soul. LIFE IS A SUM OF ENERGY. A HEALTHY LIFE MEANS A BALANCED ENERGY.

With Immense Gratitude
Rachana Sanghvi


As long as you have spontaneous and effortless faith in your Guru and your true self, nothing will be able to obstruct your way.

Hello readers,

Am about to unfold few remarkable and eye opening experiences of my spiritual life.

Madhukar MG is my Guruji. I have not seen GOD yet but he is a God in human form to me. I bow to him with great respect and gratitude.

My message is especially for THOSE WHO ARE SPIRITUAL SEEKERS AND SPIRITUAL ASPIRANTS & want to achieve a great height in the dimension of occult science and want to explore a wonderful world beyond this EARTH.

He has transformed me to a different and a higher spiritual level today and prepared me for liberation. He has taught and trained me with evidences that in a human being both extreme qualities in their characters are required (e.g. soft and hard / maturity and innocence / strict and liberal / modern and traditional and so on). This is a MUST learning for the liberation of a SOUL. Not at all an easy task but how nicely he taught me this super skill. Now this is possible only by a REAL GURU. A REAL Guru will never try to change your OWN self but will groom you and push you towards your greatness.

With Divine guidance and Guruji's permission, I wish to pen down few things, which would open a wonderful divine and mysterious side altogether.

I have been a hard-core corporate lady being in different profiles like Business Development Manager, Regional Sales Manager and Product Manager in IT industry (With very less touch in Spirituality). After coming across Guruji 2 years back TODAY I am a purified refined Spiritual Soul altogether.

Guruji is a TRANSFORMER for me. He showed me that though I was fully ready for this Spiritual height yet was fully UNAWARE of it. Today, I can say he is a father figure to me.

In past 2 years I have been initiated (by Guruji) in several spiritual development techniques or Siddhis (some in conscious awareness and some in SOUL form during meditation) and experienced several spiritual activities. Wish to mention a few please.

1. *• Astral Travel •*

Guruji taught me how to do astral travel when our physical body is in deep sleep. *This technique makes one’s SOUL more powerful and clears off all fears and makes it stronger like a super fighter so that it can accept Divine Energies as and when required which are highly powerful like high voltage electricity.* Initially my SOUL used to go out of my body unconsciously and used to get many hits. It used to lose tracks even while returning to the body. Though it was risky and dangerous I won and learnt the technique just because of *Guruji's super guidance*. Last month only I experienced a conscious astral travel which happened with full awareness of mine from going out of the Body till it returned.

2. *• Interacting with others' SOUL•*

With *Guruji's divine guidance* only I developed this too. It happened like this : since last 1 year someone who is very near and close to me, was having some kind of irritation and discomfort with me while coming to my eye contact. I sat (in meditation) for an interaction with the person's SOUL and confirmed it that it is still dear to me and it should calm down and be normal. If any misunderstanding is there it should immediately remove it. Surprisingly from next day it changed and no discomfort or uneasiness in the eyes of that person anymore. Thank you Guruji.

3. *• Interacting with Departed SOULs•*

It happened like this. I had an aunty who left body at a very early age only. During her lifetime she was behind me and troubling me too. This she continued even after leaving Earth and her physical body too and with more intensity now. One night with Guruji's super guidance my SOUL reached my aunt's SOUL and after lot of confrontation the incident came to an end. Today there is no disturbance no trouble for me from her. *Without Guruji this super risky skill was not at all possible for me*. Thank you very much.

4. *• Interacting with and communicating to my OWN SOUL •*

This is required to bring in necessary and required Spiritual information from higher dimensions.

(Experiences are extremely confidential so unable to share please). I am highly blessed to learn this advanced technique from him. Thank you Guruji.

5. *• Reading minds of people like a book •*

With Guruji's blessings I developed this technique also *Under his super guidance* , but not to be used unless utmost required or else the technique will vanish.

*Only 5 Siddhis or techniques (out of several)* I have mentioned here, which Madhukar Guruji has taught me or initiated me for. *But all these are STRICTLY NOT TO BE USED OR APPLIED until it is very important and required and NEVER without Guruji's divine guidance and permission.*

Remember every soul has its own journey. Do things only under Guru’s guidance to reach a safer shore.

Also can't end up without mentioning this : Under Divine and Supreme guidance of Guruji, myself and my Bhai Santhosh Setty have experienced enormous and awesome and divine happenings which cannot be described in words , neither can be found in any books nor can have any explanations by contemporary science research work. Those are beyond normal human understanding also and I have no permission to write further on those. I wish to thank my Bhai Santhosh Setty also to be beside me in this journey and help me in several instances.

One needs to come forward and seek for Guruji's blessings and guidance to experience these.

Message for Friends who are reading this.

You might not know what potential you have, you might not know what capabilities you possess, you might not know what power is hidden inside you, you might not have recognised your own Soul yet, ......... So it's high time to get in touch with Madhukar Guruji, if you are a Spiritual aspirant or a Spiritual seeker. He has great and divine mechanisms (or magic keys) to unlock the Hidden Lock in YOU, of which YOU are still UNAWARE. He is a Divine energy master, a real Guruji. So at one GO , we can say , he NOT ONLY is a Super Healer but A Divine Spiritual Guru and A Spiritual Transformer. He has the power and tools to take someone to a Great Spiritual Realm provided the person's body mind and soul are ready for it. Come, find YOURSELF and experience it, keep that bold step which can take you 1000miles ahead

Aditi Bhattacharya


I am a practicing energy healer and soul coach for many years and being extra sensitive to energies had been experiencing frequent psychic attacks and black magic, all this inspite of me using every method I knew to protect myself. I was aware of these negative energies yet unbearable body pains and headaches due to these attacks compelled me to keep visiting the Drs but nothing could ever be diagnosed! This is when I was fortunate to meet Madhukar Ji who did a week long Siddha healing process for me and gave higher protection against these energies. It's been several months since then I am protected from psychic attacks and the pains have not returned! He not only freed me from negativity but his healing triggered my real spiritual journey within. In gratitude to The Master.

Sampada Budania


Namasthe All, This is Nagaraj from Mangalore, Karnataka. I am also Healer & Spiritual enthusiast. I take this as an opportunity to give feedback for Madhukar.

I met Madhukar at Bangalore in 2012 during 3 months Past Life Regression Therapy & Healing Course as per Divine Plan. At the very first meet by seeing Madhukar's Aura & Energy Level, somehow I had an intuition that he is going to achieve greater spiritual heights and he is going to heal many people.

My Intuition and Vision got confirmed when our Guruji declared that Madhukar is going to become number one Healer in Bangalore. We were 52 Healers and eveyone probably thought Guruji is just motivating Madhukar as he is Young and Energetic. Now practically I am seeing such Spiritual Progress in him.

Yes, I have shared enough time with Madhukar and have received enough info from him on Higher Dimensions, Master Souls, Alien Lives, Importance of Spiritual Energies in Healing Etc Etc.

Personally I have taken my own clients to Madhukar for powerful healing and he has given his best healing service and guidance from which my clients are very happy with tremondous results and positive changes. With my own eyes I have seen him solving many critical cases miraculously.

His commitment to Spiritual Sadhana & Dedication to Healing Services at this age is amazing and priceless.

I whole heartedly recommend you all to take his consultation.

My Wishes & Support is there always for Madhukar for his Spiritual Works.

Love & Light

Nagaraj Shet


Myself Sunitha, a house wife from Hyderabad. My son Rohith 3 years ago was diagnosed with an eye infection called Shield ulcer, which caused lot of problem to his sight. His condition was so worse when he was exposed even a dim light, he used to have burning sensation in his eyes. That burning sensation was so high that, he used to cry out of pain. He had to remain indoors all the time and in darkness all the times. Though he wanted to play with his friends of his age, his problem never allowed him to go out. We showed him to many eye doctors and many hospitals in Bangalore as well as Hyderabad, they prescribed a high dosage drops which provided some relief, but although not never solved the problem. His problem made us very depressed and caused lot of worry and anxiety. One of the ophthalmologist said, this problem will be throughout lifetime, at that time we almost lost hope that he will return to normal condition. One of our friends suggested taking Rohith to a different place where there is less pollution, and allergy, so we decided to take him to a village in Shimoga, there he felt little bit better due to the environment. We showed him to one of the ophthalmologist there, he said the dosage given to Rohith was very high and he asked us reduce the dosage. Healthy environment and reduced dosage gave him intermittent relief, but he continued to have the problem. One of my friend suggested asked me to contact Madhukar, a therapist and a healer, who happened to be my class mate. On contacting Madhukar over phone, and explaining the problem, he agreed to heal Rohith, on one pre-condition that we should stop the medication from now on, we agreed for same. Madhukar healed my son through distant healing, soon after he healed, to our surprise Rohith was not at all sensitive to light anymore. This gave us goosebumps, our happiness and excitement knew no bounds. We couldn’t believe what happened to Rohith. It was like a miracle indeed. Now, Rohith is 7 years old and is very comfortable going outdoors, the burning sensation has completely resolved now, his eyes are no more sensitive to light. He is growing up as a normal kid, playing with all his friends, going to school, etc. What seemed to be a lifelong problem for Rohith, was healed by Madhukar’s intervention. We first time witnessed the power of healing. Believing in the power of healing, I decided to learn Reiki from Madhukar, after learning reiki, I ‘m able to heal myself and my family members. All of us living in abundance and peace now. We have no words to thank Madhukar for this great help.

Suneetha Katta


Hello all,

Friends, this is Ravi from Mangalore, 32-year-old, working as a gold smith. Approximately 1-1/2 years ago, Madhukar guruji was on a spiritual tour to Mangalore, one of my friends Nagaraj introduced me to him. I had lot of apprehensions about life, sometimes I used to wonder why god is impartial, he gives best things to someones, and for someone else he makes lives miserable. Similar to this I had many questions, during our meet, Madhukar guruji answered all my questions to the best of my satisfaction. I had never seen someone answering with so profound meaning. Not only that, he also answered some of my spiritual questions, for which I was unable to find answers. After speaking to him, I developed kind of some self-awareness, which cannot be explained in words.

After 6 months, we met again, I took a past life regression therapy session with him. During the sessions, I got to see some persons in past life, who are related to me in my present life, and also I came to know about some of the situations which are affecting my present life, the answers were in my past life. When Madhukar guruji, regressed me deeper, I could see a divine guru, who initiated me to spiritual path with spiritual connections and energies.

After the session, my interest in spirituality doubled, and Madhukar guruji taught me meditation. Now, I am practising meditation for 45 minutes a day for two times, believe me friends, I am experiencing bliss and I am able to experience positive changes physically and mentally. I am more happy and relaxed than earlier I was.

Sometimes I do share my experiences with Madhukar Guruji, and he explains everything in simple and effective manner. I am indebted to him. You have shown a better path to me.

Thank You Madhukar Guruji, you have made my life more meaningful now.

Ravindra Shet


This is Kavitha, residing in Hubli, Karnataka.

I was suffering from gas problem since 6 years; I used to get burning sensation in my chest and neck. The burning was very much troubling me. Medication used to help, but burning sensation used to come and go frequently. I had a intense choking feeling from many days and was feeling very difficult to have normal breathes for which doctors couldn't diagnose reasons or give treatment. I had lost hopes and confidence in life when I did not get the solution for my problems. When health issues were very high, with GOD grace, my husband met Sri Madhukar at Bangalore, and after hearing my problem, he did agree for distant healing. Within a week I started to feel better, and better, and now my burning sensation has got resolved completely and able to breathe comfortably.

Also, my daughter had some phobia, she never used to go alone from one room to another in home, we used to accompany her always which was a big concern for us. She was always hesitant and scared to go from one place to another place. Madhukarji had come to one of my friends swathi’s home, where he did Regression Therapy to my daughter. Since then, my daughter independently goes everywhere without getting scared and completely out of fears now, which happened miraculously in one healing session itself. By seeing all these miracles I decided to learn Reiki from Madhukarji.

He initiated me to Master Level Reiki. Now I am leading much better life.

Our sincere thanks to Sri Madhukarji.

Kavita Srinivas


Myself thilak, I had lot of health issues, family relationships had taken a toll, which caused lot of trouble both physically and mentally. I used to get tired quite often. My wife’s blood sugar levels were high, she had to be on medication for her sugar control, adding to the problems, she was not even sleeping well. All these problems made me feel miserable. Like a god gift, I was introduced to Madhukar, who suggested performing Ashta Mandala would solve all our problems; we agreed and he performed Ashta Mandala Pooja in our home. After some days, drastic changes happened, my health issues got improved, I felt more energized and more enthusiastic, and I felt as if got younger. To my surprise my wife’s blood sugar level dropped from 130 to 90, and she started feeling better than before, also she started to sleep well. People said there were seeing glow in my face. We are now having more peace, health and harmony. Ashta Mandala is very powerful tool, which can cure our lot of problems, I want to thank Madhukar for changing my life.



Tilak Kadali


Madhukar guruji as I call him, we both meet virtually. Due to one strange incident, we happened to meet physically. I never saw someone who at this very young age inclined towards spirituality and seriously doing wonders. I was struggling on my career front, feeling as i was stuck in the cross roads, he gave one beautiful suggestion following which I am more relaxed and peaceful today and doing well in my career. That powerful suggestion showed me a better path, and i made a better decision that day, which has made my today a lot better. He is a unsung hero i can say, who has healed many people, and has made a greater relief and impact in their lives, he has solved many issues like health related problems, relationships, psychosomatic disorders, career related issues, negative energy removing etc etc. I am thankful that I got a guru like him. No one till know has answered my spiritual questions as he does. He possess great understanding of aura, spirituality, healing, chakras, psychic reading etc. I wholeheartedly recommend you to take Madhukar Guruji's consultation if you are having any chronic problem for which you did not find any solution through traditional approaches.

Santhosh Setty


I am Swathy from Shimoga, Karnataka.

I had some health issues and used to feel lonely & lethargy and had no idea that it can be solved.

Just 1 year back I contacted Madhukar and did express my concerns.

For my surprise, he said it's very to solve such concerns in spiritual healing by knowing the root cause. Though I could not believe initially, I agreed for the healing.

Initially he did Reiki and Distance healing for me from which I started seeing dramatic positive changes. Later we agreed for the “Astamandala” healing for the whole family for overall improvement as per his suggestion.

I don't know how to put in words. It's incredible, in less than a year drastic changes in the family with respect to health, wealth and relationships.

I feel active & positive always. Confidence level has improved a lot.

My husband got unexpected promotion and he is happy too.

Our business started moving smoothly than never before. I started seeing harmonious relationships in the family.

By witnessing all these tremondous changes, I decided to learn Reiki from Madhukar.

He initiated me to Master Level Reiki. Now I am able to heal myself & family members.

My spiritual journey has started now with great force.

Yes, Healing does work in such a way I never imagined before.

Here is my heartfelt gratitude to Madhukar for the priceless path he has shown to me.

With Best Regards.

Swathy Pampana


Sri Madhukar Guruji carry tremendous knowledge about Spirituality which is impossible to find in any books. He has answer to almost all the problem which is difficult to find in the Medical science. He is down to earth and listens very patiently and accordingly provide the solution. From past 2 year I am regularly meeting Sri Madhukar Guruji and getting the guidance and support for spiritual growth. Sri Madhukar Guruji also conducted Ashta Mandala Dhyana in my home which improved the health problems of family members and also helped me to enhance my spiritual practice further. Its difficult explain the benefits unless someone experience it. So I highly recommend to consult Sri Madhukar Guruji if somebody seeking spiritual growth, suffering from chronic problems, etc.

Raghavendra Amte


Sometimes life brings us to a divine soul, be it because of our good karmas or Divine grace, and that Soul changes the course of our life and our vision. During a low phase of my life one of my very dear friend introduced me to Madhukar Ji and my life has taken an entirely different course since then, be it in terms of material growth or spiritual well being. Not only I got clarity about the word 'Spiritual' but also how deep our actions and thoughts and karma play a major role in deciding our day to day life experiences.

He taught what is meditation and how to meditate. He gave me the experience of the presence of Masters during my regular meditation practise.

Yesterday by the grace of Maha Guru(Lord Shiva) Holy Masters' and Madhukar Ji, we were blessed to attend and experience Siddha Healing Meditation, in New Delhi. There were 37 participants who received healing over a Skype session with Madhukar ji and not for a second we missed the physical presence of The Master, him being in Bengaluru.

It was as if he was right there guiding us all through out the meditation. The flow of energy was so strong that everyone was in deep trance. Some experienced strong vibrations and some had divine visions. How much time passed none realised. After the session ended no one wanted to speak or get up, all were in a blissful trance like state and wanted to remain in that state. They were finding it difficult to express what they experienced. It was beyond words. Can't thank Madhukar Ji and Holy Masters enough for their divine blessings and Healing.

I would like to wind up by saying that one needs to experience what I am talking about, as words can never capture the essence of real divine experience.

With gratitude to the Masters🙏🙏

Swaita Vashishta (Reiki Master and Tarot Reader)

New Delhi