Soul Reading

Soul Reading

What is Soul Reading?
SOUL Reading is the message and guidance downloaded in the meditation from the Divine & Universe which will unfold the events, facts, happenings, actions, deeds and the people involved with each soul in its Past life journeys, which would help to know the Root Cause for the current concerns and get the solutions accordingly to free the SOUL from the PAST.

Why Soul Reading is required?
Soul reading is required to know and understand the Root Cause of any of our sufferings or concerns, be it health or finance or career or relationship or any other issues, because 90% of our sufferings and concerns are based out of our karmas which lie in our past life's actions.
Also we can reveal our soul pattern and soul planning and thus help ourselves by taking correct actions and right decisions in this current life. Also if required, we may correct or break the unwanted patterns which lie deep inside our souls or subconscious/unconscious mind.
We can also know what is the purpose of this birth for our souls and if any blockages are there in the soul journey in this life, which is stopping our overall or any specific growth.

How is Soul Reading accessed?
Soul reading is accessed (downloaded) from the Akashic Records under Yogi Ji's deep connection with the Universe and Divine Guidance and Support and Blessings.

Will full record of a soul come in Soul Reading?
Akashic Record is a very private Soul Data which holds all the facts and events of every soul from its creation till date. Accessing it requires very high level approval and permission from Divine, as well as acceptance from the individual soul. Hence the portion which is applicable to and influencing the current life's sufferings or concerns is revealed and unfolded only, so that corrective actions and remedies can be planned or taken up.

Will Soul Reading give Future Predictions?
NO, Soul Reading helps in clearing the Past balance or karma to solve/handle Current challenges, which naturally leads to better Future. It is more of Correcting Present & Future by working on the Past than just predicting the future events. Yes, sometimes we give guidance for future like, actions to be taken and possible events in near future when it gets revealed on its own from the Universe.

Why Soul Reading before Energy Healing?
As we know everything is ENERGY, the Health issues, financial blockages, Problem in Relationships, Career Challenges find its blockages originating at our BIO-Energy levels.

Using Higher Perspective ability and Intuition Power in Meditation, we scan the Energy System of the person to detect if there is any Energy Blockage at Chakra level, Aura and Subtle Bodies level, Soul level and also at living places.

Based on these Data we do detailed investigation to know the Root Cause for these blockages and accordingly we suggest Energy Healing Solutions. If one is convinced with the reading and ready to opt for our healing services, we may proceed with our next steps to deal with the stated concerns.

We have made Soul Reading mandatory before opting our Energy Healing Services because, unless and until we know the Root Cause or Source of the problem we may not be able to solve the problems permanently or it would be like trial & error basis, one may get solution and one may not. Chances of recurrence of the problems are high when we heal the person without knowing the Root Cause for the same.

Soul Reading saves lot of time, effort, energy and money for both healer and receiver since it’s a divine and systematic way of dealing with any problem, concern and challenge.

Please Note:

  • We may not be able to answer all your questions, maximum 3 specific questions would be answered at our best, per reading.
  • Here we would ask for recent photo, age, current living location and concerns in detail of the person who wish to go for our “Soul Reading” Services.
  • All the information shared by our clients will be kept strictly confidential.