Yogi Madhukar

MahaYogi Madhukarji is a charismatic personality having a powerful and ravishing SOUL, residing in HIS current physical body. Being within 5km of HIS Aura or just by listening to HIM only, HEALING starts happening.

Still HE keeps a simple and humble outlook, and was never interested in SELF-praising and Self-promotion with the temporary Earthly identities given by and developed within this Universe. But it is also very vital to reveal, who is HE to this Universe and what all HE has contributed to the Humanity before HIS final Exit from this Universe, soon after HIS current life.

We strongly feel and believe revealing facts about HIM would attract right and needy people and help them eventually to uplift their lives. It would also increase the openness and receptivity in people to prepare themselves for their Higher Spiritual Journey, to grow as a Human Being, to grow as a SOUL and to grow as an Individual which directly contributes in Collective Human Consciousness Evolution and also Universal Consciousness Evolution and Shift to next level.

MahaYogi Madhukarji came to this Universe around 50,000 years ago with a bigger Spiritual Mission at Universal level, as per the Higher Divine Guidance. HE came from a very far Universe which is highly evolved and advanced both spiritually and materially, where purity and serenity is at its brim and best.

Initially HE worked at energy level by being in energy/soul form to uplift this Universe in several ways, be it transferring spiritual knowledge, be it designing and developing energy planes and dimensions, creating few divine souls and training few newly created souls in this universe and so on…

As per the law of this Universe to get a citizenship of this Universe, to become one among human beings and beings of this universe and also to get acclimatized to this universe, HE had to take few normal human births and start HIS SOUL journey from the scratch, by keeping aside all HIS Spiritual Powers, which were brought from HIS native Universe. HE was allowed to keep and use HIS Healing Powers, which was there inside HIM quite naturally, as HE was a BORN HEALER.

This way HIS Spiritual/Soul journey started on this Earth.

From the beginning only HE started HIS intense Spiritual Sadhana (Intense Meditation for 100s of years along with SOUL Purification and Qualification) in greater Himalayas for many thousands of years and HE got Enlightened and also attained Ashta Siddhis subsequently. (Only 27 Divine Souls could attain Ashta Siddhis in the entire history of Earth until the present).

Later with this gained Spiritual Powers HE was involved in creating few beautiful parts of Himalayas and started training few Divine Souls for the much Advanced Spiritual Sadhana, few of them who took initiation from HIM in those days which is called as Golden Age/Satya Yuga, took Moksha and reached higher position in this Universe and became so called Gods and many became great Spiritual Masters, Saints and so on…

Out of HIS 50,000 years SOUL Journey in this Universe, more than 20,000 years HE has spent HIS time in Spiritual Sadhana/Spiritual Practices and most of those lives used to be in Himalayas to maintain HIS high vibrational energies. Almost all of HIS Himalayan births used to be CONSCIOUS BIRTH or so called Avatar.

When HE was done with so called Gods and Divine Souls of this Universe, HE turned HIS focus towards other group of Powerful Souls called Asuras to train and uplift them in their own path in Treta Yuga/Ages of mankind around 15,000 years ago. HE took two births in their clan as well to uplift them as SOULS in their own way and aid in overall growth of this Earth and Universe.

Once HE was done with Asuras clan, HE started taking normal human births in different castes/creeds like, Brahmana, Kshatriya, Shudra, Aghora, Tantrik and King and so on… just to bring EQUALITY in all kind and group of people and communities and justice with respect to choosing their life and destiny, be it right to education, be it right to learn warfare skills and be it right to practice spirituality etc., based on their Actions, Skills and Eligibility but NOT based on their Birth and Family background.

This triggered huge revolution in the society in Dwapara Yuga around 5000 years ago and helped in bringing equality among different groups and also greatly helped in discarding outdated practices and beliefs and discriminations.

HE played major roles in Ramayan and Mahabharat which are well known characters by the people of India.

MahaYogiji in HIS prolonged SOUL journey, imparted Higher Spiritual Divine wisdom to millions of needy Souls and LIBERATED thousands of Souls and triggered many to REALIZE THE ULTIMATE and take MOKSHA and HEALED millions of peoples to lead a Healthy, Peaceful and much better life.

Few hundred years before only HE completed HIS mission of coming to this Universe but as per the Divine Guidance before exiting from this Universe, HE had to take one more FINAL BIRTH on this Earth to uplift Human Collective Consciousness and also Universal Consciousness to the next level, as this Universe is in the peak of darkness from the influence of Kali Yuga/Dark Age, that is HIS current and last human life.

HE had to take a very normal human birth WITHOUT any SPECIAL SPIRITUAL POWERS, because as per the Universal law in the Kali Yuga/Dark Age to take Humanity or Universe to next level or higher dimensions in spiritual realm, it is not allowed to use HIGHER DIVINE POWERS/WEAPONS and HIGHER SPIRITUAL POWERS (Siddhis). It is not allowed due to few valid reasons and of which few are as below…

  • Universe and Existence give chances to all and now is the time and term for Dark Energies and Dark Forces.
  • Nature does not support much for Divine Energies, Divine Souls and Divine Powers in Dark Age due to excess negativity and contaminations.
  • Dark Energies are more powerful than Divine Energies in Dark Age.

In the above case, it is up to the FREE WILL of Humanity to join hands with DARK ENERGIES and support in DESTRUCTIVE GROWTH of this Universe or Join hands with DIVINE ENERGIES and support in CONSTRUCTIVE GROWTH of this Universe.

Majority will decide the fate of this Earth and Universe. Just to convey this message to Humanity and give a final attempt to reduce the negativity on the Earth by giving PRACTICAL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES to Human Beings, MahaYogiji has taken FINAL BIRTH on this Earth on behalf of Divine Energies.

In this current life, MahaYogi Madhukarji took a physical normal human birth in the village which is just beside the world renowned Sanskrit Village called Mattur.

Mattur - a culturally rich, world-renowned village is also popularly known as 'Sanskrit Village' as many people use Sanskrit as their language of communication. It is located in Shimoga district, Karnataka, India.

HE completed HIS schooling in Mattur itself. HE started hearing HIS inner voice at the age of around 7 years itself and from that age itself HE started practicing YOGA, PRANAYAMA and MEDITATION regularly. These practices were not intense enough to know WHO is HE and Why HE has taken this birth as HIS initial and main focus was on Education and Material Success as per the SOUL Planning.

After completing HIS Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, HE worked in Automobile industry and also in an Aerospace domain, a reputed Multinational company wherein he displayed brilliant learning ability, excellent adaptability and strong work ethics and in a short span achieved tremendous professional success and was promoted as Senior Quality Engineer. After 3 years of this tenure in the company, HE once again started hearing HIS inner voice which continuously echoed within HIM that “This is not your path, you are simply wasting time and you are not doing what you are supposed to do”.

During the same time HE was also getting a strong unexplainable affiliation towards Himalayas. HIS quest to know as to why this is happening made HIM read many Spiritual books related to Himalayas and that’s when HE spontaneously started recalling that HIS previous lives were in Himalayas.

The time for paradigm shift had come by now. HE developed interest in Meditation, Hypnosis, Past life Regression and various Energy Healing modalities and did many courses related to it. HE got connected to many Spiritual thinkers, Healers and Gurus and started practicing intense Meditation daily. One such day while Meditating, HE got connected to Higher Divine Energies & Higher Intelligence from higher Lokas (dimensions). This helped HIM in regaining HIS past life Memories, Healing and Spiritual Powers.

MahaYogiji started healing people with huge passion and compassion by using various healing modalities which gave tremendous results and great positive feedback from those who got healed.

HIS strong inner desire and pull to visit Himalayas was still there and the time had come NOW. In 2013 HE finally resigned HIS Job to follow HIS inner calling, and moved to Himalayas for deeper Meditation and Self-realization. Once there HE felt as if this was HIS HOME coming! All alone by HIMSELF MahaYogi Madhukarji reached 17000 feet and in the abode of snow, HE Meditated intensely day and night in -20°C temperature, experienced the Samadhi state and attained Self-realization. This is where HE got the vision of HIS current life's mission - to Heal people and spread Spirituality at a Universal level.

After returning to Bangalore HE started sharing HIS Spiritual Experiences and wisdom to the masses and once again began HIS Healing services in much more organized ways.

Until now, MahaYogiji has healed thousands of people. Most of those who came to HIM had given up hope but once they got healed by MahaYogi Madhukarji they experienced miraculous transformation in their lives and started leading a much better healthy life post healing!

MahaYogi Madhukarji has REINVENTED and REINTRODUCED the forgotten Ancient Siddhis (Special Spiritual Powers) like, Siddha Healing, Siddha Meditation, Cell Healing, DNA Healing, Celestial Healing, Ashta Mandala & Ashta Digbandhana and many more unique and rare techniques, which were once possessed by the Himalayan Masters, Ancient Indian Rishis and Siddhas. HIS aim is to use these Siddhis for the greater good of the society and bring about a Positive Spiritual Transformation in Humans and help connect Humanity to their core Spiritual SELF... within.

To expand HIS Divine Services across the globe and to accomplish HIS mission of reaching out to masses and SPREAD SPIRITUAL WISDOM, HE founded Samyama Healing Centre® in Bangalore in the year 2015, sole motto of which is – Heal Meditate Evolve!

Since it was founded, Samyama Spiritual Services has reached 40+ countries across the globe with miraculous results and has helped many souls to transform their lives completely.

Despite of MahaYogi Madhukarji having connection with many Universes, having eligibility and license to invoke/call or to talk to any Divine Souls, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides and having full access to all the Souls' Data or Akashic Records, HE does not use it just like that.

When someone approaches HIM for any Spiritual Guidance and Help, HE does not give UNCONDITIONALLY. Based on their Past Life Karmas, Virtues, Soul Purity, Soul Capacity and Eligibility, based on time factor, based on their conscious genuine Effort, Pure Intent and Faith, Openness, Surrenderance with Respect and Gratitude to Divine Guidance and Energies and also with Divine Approval, HE uses HIS Divine Knowledge and Powers in a very limited way to transform Human Beings. HE encourages in fulfilling the NEED but not the GREED. Hence HE is highly respected for being selective in HIS divine services, for which HE is exclusively guided by the DIVINE.

HE does not encourage instant miracles and overnight changes. As per HIS experience, gradual and steady growth with genuine effort to implement, maintain and sustain all the past lessons and experiences can only bring REAL TRANSFORMAION in our SOUL JOURNEY.

ELIGIBLE souls are destined to reach HIM as per DIVINE grace and as per their SOUL Planning.