Yogi Madhukar

MahaYogi Madhukarji was born on 6th November 1985 in a village near Mattur of Shimoga district, Karnataka.

Mattur - a culturally rich, world-renowned village is also popularly known as 'Sanskrit Village' as many people use Sanskrit as their language of communication.

From a very early age he was attracted towards nature of mother earth. He used to spare his free time playing out in nature under trees, at farm houses, forest areas, hills and open green spaces.

When he was around 7 year old while playing alone under a tree, a very strange thing started happening to him which triggered his spiritual journey. His mind suddenly became still and tuned to complete present state, his body freezed and he started getting spontaneous profound thoughts like, ”if I was not born here, where would I be?” “If I was not born, will I still (myself) exist?” “Is it really possible for ME to not exist at all?!"

These thoughts occupied his mind for a brief period and gradually diminished. Though his mind used to be in a complete present state yet as he was at such a young age he didn't have the logical or analytical skill to discuss this experience with anyone. He never thought about this again till he got into intense spiritual practices. Within a few months of this strange experience He was initiated into Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation by his Father.

At the age of 9 He moved to Mattur where he got further spiritual support. In his new school, teachings from renowned Veda Maharshis, Great Scholars, Philosophers and Sanskrit teachers was a common practice. Learning Upanishad mantras had a greater impact on his life. He got necessary boost for his spiritual journey throughout his schooling which happened miraculously in a short time.

From primary school itself he started teaching his classmates in the absence of teachers. By the time he reached high school he developed a sharp mind and was intensely debating with Sanskrit teachers on the existence of GOD. At that age itself consciously or unconsciously he was counseling his friends on their personal problems and it worked well in helping them come out of their issues.

After school, he joined Visvesvaraya Govt Polytechinc in Bhadravathi and did his Diploma in Mechanical engineering. Through campus selection he joined a reputed automotive industry and got 1 year industrial work experience. During this period he started feeling that this is not where he intended to be and his inner voice constantly reminded that the path he is travelling is not the right one. Putting his inner voice aside He decided to pursue graduation degree and secured a Mechanical Engineering seat in Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur.

The college environment and his frequent visits to Siddaganga Matt gave him special spiritual experiences. His visits to the Matt made him feel energized and more peaceful. All this provided a strong base to help him re-establish his lost spiritual connection.

After completing his engineering degree, he joined Aerospace, a reputed Multinational company wherein he displayed brilliant learning ability, excellent adaptability and strong work ethics and in a short span achieved tremendous professional success and was promoted as Senior Quality Engineer. After 3 years of this tenure in the company, he once again started hearing his inner voice which continuously echoed within him that this is not your path, you are simply wasting time and you are not doing what you are supposed to do.

During the same time He was also getting a strong unexplainable affiliation towards Himalayas. His quest to know as to why this is happening made him read many spiritual books related to Himalayas and that’s when he recalled that his previous lives were in Himalayas.

The time for paradigm shift had come by now. He developed interest in Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Past life therapy and various healing modalities and did many courses related to it. He got connected to many spiritual thinkers, healers and gurus and started practicing intense meditation daily. One such day while meditating, he got connected to higher energies & higher intelligence from higher lokas(dimensions). This helped him in regaining his past life healing and spiritual powers.

He started healing people with huge passion and compassion by using various healing modalities which gave tremendous results and great positive feedback from those healed.

His strong inner desire and pull to visit Himalayas was still there and the time had now come. In 2013 he finally resigned from his Job to follow his inner calling, and moved to Himalayas for deeper Meditation and Self-realization. Once there he felt as if this was his home coming! All alone by himself MahaYogi Madhukarji reached 17000 feet and in the abode of snow meditated intensely, experienced the Samadhi state and attained Self-realization. This is where He got the vision of his life's mission - to heal people and spread spirituality on a Universal level.

After returning to Bangalore he started sharing his spiritual experiences and wisdom to the masses and once again began his healing services.

Till now, he has healed thousands of people. Most of the clients who come to him have given up hope but once they get healing done from MahaYogi Madhukarji they experience miraculous transformation in their lives and lead a more successful, peaceful and blissful life post healing!

MahaYogi Madhukarji has reinvented and reintroduced forgotten ancient Siddhis (Special Spiritual Powers) like, Siddha Healing, Siddha Meditation, Cell Healing, Celestial Healing, Ashta Mandala & Ashta Digbandhana and many more unique and rare techniques once possessed by the Himalayan Masters. His aim is to use these Siddhis for the greater good of the society and bring about a positive spiritual transformation in human values, and help connect humanity to their core spiritual self within.

To expand his divine services across the globe and to accomplish his mission of reaching out to masses and spread spiritual wisdom, he founded Samyama Healing Centre in Bangalore in the year 2015, sole motto of which is – Heal Meditate Evolve!

Since it was founded, Samyama spiritual services has reached 40+ countries across the globe with miraculous results and has helped many to transform their lives completely.